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Atmosphere of Istanbul, Turkey

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Backpacker-style traveling is starting to be loved by travelers all over the world. Not only being able to travel the world and visiting cool places is a reason to travel, a lack of budget is also a supporting factor in traveling.

If most people think that only people who can afford it can travel to various places in the world then that is not true. For travelers who have a minimal budget, there is no need to feel inferior because of the purpose of traveling, visiting luxury places and staying at first-class hotels. think that the purpose of traveling is to see the world and get an unforgettable experience. From now on, plan your trip without spending a fortune, because this time we will review which countries are the most backpacker-friendly. Here's the full review.

1. Turkey – Enjoying a Mix of Eastern and Western Cultures

One of the cheap travel destinations for backpackers is Turkey. No one can match this country whose capital is Ankara. Turkey itself is a large country in Eurasia whose territory stretches from the Anatolian Peninsula in Southwest Asia and the Balkans in Southeastern Europe.

Atmosphere of Istanbul, Turkey

Due to the strategic location of this country, which is at the crossroads of two continents, Turkish culture is a unique mixture of Eastern and Western cultures, so it is known as a bridge between the two civilizations. Being there will provide an amazingly different experience from our home country. And for foodies, this place can be a food paradise. The food there is said to be very tasty and affordable. Travelers can also enjoy cultural festivals, visit the Hagia Sophia museum and Chora Church, don't forget to stop by the Grand Bazaar food market which is one of the best food exhibitions in the world which has more than 4,000 food stalls lined up neatly.

2. Nicaragua – A Hidden Paradise for Backpackers

Still foreign to the ears of the traveler with this one country. Indeed, Nicaragua is less popular with tourists and is not a luxury tourist destination either. But in this country, travelers who have minimal funds can spend their vacation time in a relaxed manner. This does not mean that the country bordering Honduras is poor in culture and tourist attractions, you know.

Nicaragua has many beautiful beaches

In fact, this is the most perfect travel destination for those who want to experience wild and peaceful mixed into one. Spectacular places to visit in the country include Granada viewing unique colonial buildings and Laguna de Apoyo, a fantastic volcanic lake in Masaya, a 20-minute drive from Granada. The best time to visit this country is from December to February, when the conditions in this country are sunny with temperatures around 32 degrees.

3. Thailand – Cheap Holidays With Great Facilities

Almost throughout the year the White Elephant country is filled with foreign tourists who enjoy their holidays. Of the many tourists who come, most are backpackers who have fun even on a minimal budget. They never worry about running out of money because Thailand is known to be a budget-friendly country for backpackers.

One of the beaches in the area of ​​Phuket, Thailand

Not only is the food known to be cheap, but the welcome from friendly locals wrapped in a unique culture makes your holiday even more memorable. Just imagine with a budget of $ 20 or about 200 thousand rupiah a day you can already eat to your heart's content, plus traveling around the city to get all the lodging. If you have ever visited this country, you will definitely agree that Thailand is the perfect country where you can do more things without spending a lot of money.

4. Peru – Visit the famous Machu Piccu

Don't dream that with a mediocre cost you can visit luxurious places with expensive prices. Back again to the original destination, enjoy the world, after all this world is wide and has many hidden paradises that still escape the eyes of tourists. This is one of them, Peru, a country in South America that is friendly at the expense of tourists.

Machu Picchu, Peru

It can be said as the country's most traditional backpacker destination, because what is presented in this country is the extraordinary beauty of tropical rainforests, the ruins of ancient buildings that symbolize the greatness of ancient civilizations in the area and stunning views from the shiny white sandy beaches. One more mandatory destination that must be visited by a traveler, that's right, Machu Picchu, a place in a mountainous region that is the history of the ancient civilization of the Incas which is very famous.

5. Sri Lanka – Visit Dambulla Cave Temple

This country is famous for its tea commodities, Sri Lanka is a country located in the north of the Indian Ocean on the southeast coast of India. Good news for backpackers because everyone can visit Sri Lanka and enjoy the country's culture and landmarks at a low and affordable cost.

Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka

The most famous traveling city in a country whose capital city is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is Colombo. The city is full of friendly indigenous people who offer cheap accommodation along with food and knick-knacks. While in Sri Lanka, don't forget to visit the Dambulla Cave Temple, the largest temple there, it is said that the atmosphere in this temple resembles the Borobudur Temple. Please prove it!

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