Want to go to Marine Park Heaven? Visit These 5 Cool Diving Spots!

Raja Ampat Diving Spot

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Indonesia is known as a maritime country consisting of thousands of islands and surrounded by millions of kilometers of ocean. So it is not surprising that in my ancestral song it is said that the ancestor of the Indonesian people was a sailor who loved to sail the ocean. It is no longer a secret that this beloved country has an extraordinary abundance of marine wealth. So, do not be surprised if a quarter of the world's marine wealth is owned by Indonesia.

With the diversity of marine life in our waters, many world divers flock to come to dive it, which is why our sea is so famous among world divers. In fact, we as indigenous people often miss information about cool diving spots in our own country. Even though the paradise of the world's marine parks is one of them, yes, in Indonesia. Here we review 5 cool diving spots that divers must visit.

1. Raja Ampat, Papua – The Thrill of Diving in a Tropical Aquarium

In recent years this place has been in the spotlight of local and international media because of its natural beauty, both land and underwater. Raja Ampat is located in West Papua Province and consists of 1,500 islands which are claimed to be places with the most beautiful underwater views in Indonesia. According to the stories of divers who have explored the underwater world of Raja Ampat, diving in Raja Ampat diving spots is like swimming in a tropical aquarium. How not, these waters have a spectacular collection of underwater biota.

Raja Ampat Diving Spot

The Raja Ampat area is home to 75% of the world's coral species. In comparison, if a traveler dives in Raja Ampat, they will find 10 times more hard coral species than the Caribbean. That's really cool! For those who can't wait to go there, first pay attention to the following diving season tips. So come in the months except July, August, and September because that month the waves are high.

2. Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi – Paradise of the Sea on the “Tukang Besi” Island

Wakatobi is an old “player” in the field of diving in Indonesia. The underwater paradise of Wakatobi is off the coast of Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi itself is also known as the Archipelago of the Iron Man. Well this one certainly not many know if the name Wakatobi is an abbreviation of the names of the main islands in the archipelago, namely Wangiwangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

Wakatobi Diving Spot

Did you know that 750 of the world's 850 coral species can be found in Wakatobi? This result refers to research conducted by the Operation Wallacea expedition team from the UK who did a dive in 1995. Besides that, Wakatobi is also home to rare turtle species, you know, there are loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles and olive ridley turtles. Tips for diving in Wakatobi, March and December are the best times to dive, but don't miss seeing the sperm whales that regularly visit these waters in November.

3. Alor, East Nusa Tenggara – “Baruna’s Dive Site at Alor”

Alor Island is one of the 92 outermost islands of Indonesia which is located in the eastern part of Nusa Tenggara and is bordered by the Flores Sea and the Banda Sea. This island is directly adjacent to the country of Timor Leste in the south. On the island of Alor we can find many cool tourist destinations and exotic local culture.

Alor Island Diving Spot

What becomes the target of foreign tourists on this small island is none other than the beauty of the beach, the wealth of marine life, and also cool diving spots. Alor itself is claimed to be a hidden paradise for marine tourism lovers because even though Alor is only a small island, it has 18 dive points called "Baruna's Dive Site at Alor". Wow so cool. The waters on the island of Alor are predicted to have unmatched clarity, just imagine the visibility of Alor waters is so clear that it reaches 40 meters. With such conditions, we can easily see colorful fish and marine animal life directly, so it's no wonder that Alor waters are called the best after the Caribbean Islands.

4. Morotai, North Maluku – Marine Paradise on Indonesia's Northernmost Island

Back again to Eastern Indonesia, to be precise in Morotai Regency. For those who are not very familiar with the name of this district, of course it can be understood because this district was only inaugurated 6 years ago to be exact on October 29, 2008. Initially, Morotai Regency was part of the North Halmahera Regency which later became its own Regency after regional division occurred.

Morotai Diving Spot

Morotai Island is a small island with a million charms. Many people say that Morotai is a paradise in eastern Indonesia, this refers to its underwater wealth, with more than 25 dive points that present incomparable beauty. What is unique about Morotai waters is that in the depths of the sea there are a lot of wreckage of ships during World War II so that it was dubbed the "Pearl of the Pacific Lips" but it is also known as the "Hidden paradise of East Indonesia".

5. Bunaken, North Sulawesi – A Famous Diving Spot Since the 1970s

Bunaken's coral reefs have been well-known internationally since the 1970s. It could be that Bunaken is the oldest diving spot in Indonesia. The waters around the small island off the coast of Manado, North Sulawesi, are abundant with colorful reef fish, including the very rare giant mermaid and clam.

Bunaken Diving Spot

After mapping the underwater area, it was found that there were at least 25 ideal spots for diving in Bunaken waters. For divers who want to dive into the underwater paradise of Bunaken, come from May to October. These months are the most ideal to visit this island because the dry season is going on so the waters are relatively calmer.

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