7 Most Beautiful Oasis in the World

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Talking about the beauty of nature will never end. If the Asia Pacific is blessed with many beautiful beaches, mountains, or caves, some countries are actually awarded a beautiful and charming oasis.

In geography, an oasis or oasis itself is a remote fertile area in the middle of the desert. Generally surrounds a spring or other water source.

Well, here are some of the most beautiful oases around the world. Which one is the most interesting to visit?

1. Maranhao Oasis

This oasis is located in the state of Maranhao, Brazil. Besides being located just outside the Amazon basin, this area can hold water and form beautiful lagoons of various colors.

Interestingly, this area was apparently designed as a national park by the local government, namely Lencois Maranhenses. In fact, apart from being a tourist location, this area is also home to the Caeté Indians.

2. Chebika Oasis

If you are a big fan of the Star Wars films, of course you are already familiar with this place. Yep, this area was used as a shooting location in Star Wars: A New Hope.

The location of the Chebika Oasis is at the foot of the Djebel el Negueb Mountains, Tunisia. You need to know, the local people also call it "Qasr el-Shams", which means "Fortress of the Sun" in Arabic.

3. Timia's Oasis

If you intend to visit the beauty of the African continent, this is an oasis with beautiful views located in Nigeria, about six hours from the city of Agaden.

You can also find palm trees and fruit, such as oranges and pomegranates here. Even better, there are several other interesting vacation destinations around Timia Oasis. For example, there are waterfalls in the nearby town of Tuareg, and there is also a former French Citadel near the ruins of the City of Assodé.

4. Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis

Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis is one of the most beautiful oases in the Middle East, precisely in Oman. Throughout the year, the water flows from a natural source located at the top of the valley.

This is what makes the surrounding trees thrive and the source of clear water abounds in this oasis. Wadi Bani Khalid is like heaven in the middle of the desert.

5. Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina Oasis is one of the most beautiful in the Ica region, southwest Peru. The area which is also known as the Oasis of America is not only offering beautiful views.

This region is also home to hundreds of residents. In fact, this oasis has become a resort and tourist destination for tourists who want to enjoy sandboarding and dune rides.

6. Ubari Oasis

Ubari is a natural tourist area that is still part of Erg Awbari City, located in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Uniquely, the salt concentration in this lake is very high, just like the Dead Sea.

So when swimming in this place, you can float. This area is also a center for meeting and trading activities for local residents. They will gather on the shores of the lake to sell unique items and various other items.

7. Oasis Crescent Lake

In China, there is an oasis in the Gobi Desert. As the name implies, the shape of this oasis is like a crescent moon. So do not be surprised if it is always crowded with tourists because of its uniqueness. You can enjoy it by riding a camel and riding an ATV in the desert while walking around the oasis.

Well, those are the seven most beautiful oases from various countries that can be your inspiration for your holiday later. Which one intrigues you the most?

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