Double Six Beach Tour, Favorite Place for Twilight Lovers in Bali

Only 2 kilometers from Kuta Beach

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Double Six Beach is one of the popular marine tourism in Bali. Its beauty and exoticism is not inferior to other beaches that are already famous, such as Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, or Pandawa Beach.

The name 'Double Six' is actually the name of a discotheque or nightclub right across from the beach. In accordance with its function, this discotheque or nightclub is only open at night by presenting beach parties accompanied by booming music.

Interested in visiting there? The following is complete information about Double Six Beach tourism that you need to know.

1. Location, operating hours, and ticket prices

Double Six Beach Portrait, Bali

Location: Legian, Double Six Street, Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Operating hours: Daily, 24 hours.

Ticket price: free.

2. Route to Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach Portrait, Bali

To go to Double Six Beach, you can use a motorized vehicle from the city center to Kuta. From Kuta, take the route to Jalan Legian. Then, direct the vehicle to Jalan Seminyak.

After traveling about two kilometers, you will find a fork. Take a left for about 200 meters until you find a sign that says Pantai 66.

3. Fun activities to do

Double Six Beach Portrait, Bali

The view in the form of bean bags of various colors makes Double Six Beach look different from other beaches. You can sit back and relax on it while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the sunset.

One of the advantages of this beach is the existence of massage services for tourists while sunbathing enjoying the soothing waves and gentle beach breezes. The masseurs will also invite tourists to have a relaxed chat and often teach them the Balinese language.

Double Six Beach has a sloping and flat land contour. The expanse of sand is also wide, making it very suitable for doing beach volleyball.

Another advantage of Double Six Beach is that it has big waves. Therefore, this beach is very suitable for surfing.

4. Supporting facilities

Double Six Beach Portrait, Bali

Various adequate public facilities have been provided by the manager, so that tourists can vacation comfortably. The facilities consist of bathrooms, toilets, bungee jumping games, horse rental, surfboard rentals, restaurants and cafes equipped with bean bags.

5. Tips for visiting Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach Portrait, Bali

Tips for visiting Double Six Beach:
  • The best time to enjoy the beauty of Double Six Beach is in the afternoon.
  • Prepare more money while on vacation.
  • Bring a camera to document the beauty of Double Six Beach.
  • Remember to always keep the environment clean and always be careful when vacationing at Double Six Beach.
That's complete information about Double Six Beach that you can use as a reference before going on vacation there. Don't forget to invite your family, friends and loved ones. Happy holidays!

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