7 Best Camping Spots on Gunungkidul Beach

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Gunungkidul has a lot of charming coastal tourism potential. These beautiful beaches are lined up from Baron beach to Wedi Ombo. However, not all beaches in Gunungkidul are suitable for camping activities. Because the beach is too crowded with tourists. For that, we will summarize some of the beaches with the best camping spots that you deserve to visit. Here are the 10 best camping spots on the Gunungkidul beach.

1. Kesirat Beach

The first camping spot in Gunungkidul that we will review is Kesirat beach. The location of camping on Kesirat beach is on a beautiful coastal cliff with views of the sea south of the island of Java. The camping area can accommodate 30-60 tents. So, there is still room for group camping.

The Kesirat beach manager provides fairly complete camping facilities. There is a large parking area, there are food stalls, toilets, gazebos and photo spots in the form of boats made of bamboo.

There are 5 attractions for camping spots on Kesirat beach, Gunungkidul:

▪︎First, Kesirat beach offers a spot to see the epic sunset and sunrise. That is, if you camp on Kesirat beach, you will get an amazing view. Romantic sunset.
▪︎Second, the beautiful and unique beach panorama. Kesirat Beach does not have a sandy beach. Because all Kesirat beach areas are cliffs and corals. Some people call it Tanjung Kesirat. Even though there is no sandy beach, Kesirat beach has an exciting cliff trekking route with beautiful sea views.
▪︎Third, the sparkling stars at night are very beautiful. Because the camping location is on a coastal cliff, you can see billions of stars in the sky clearly. Especially when the weather is clear without clouds.
▪︎Fourth, a promising rock fishing location. Especially for those of you who like fishing while camping, Kesirat beach offers good fishing spots.
▪︎Fifth, easy transportation access.

2. Wohudu Beach

Wohudu Beach is one of the most favorite camping spots in Gunungkidul. Where, Wohudu beach is very hidden, and is flanked by two very large cliffs. So, the beach is very clean, the waves are calm and quiet.

The atmosphere is very comfortable for camping. If the beach conditions are quiet, it feels like camping on a private beach in the style of Hollywood movies.

There are 5 reasons why Wohudu beach deserves your favorite camping spot:

▪︎First, Wohudu beach is not yet well known, so the camping location is still relatively quiet, calm and comfortable. You don't need to be afraid of being disturbed by tourists when camping on Wohudu beach.
▪︎Second, Wohudu beach has calm waves with clean white sand.
▪︎Third, the camping area is spacious and comfortable. We estimate it can fit up to 100 tents.
▪︎Fourth, it has a fairly large beach area, suitable for playing with friends and family. That is, during camping you can do fun activities such as playing volleyball, playing chase, making sand castles, and burning fish.
▪︎Fifth, the natural panorama on Wohudu beach is very beautiful. Clear beach water, blue ocean, and trekking areas to challenging coral cliffs. The point is, you won't get bored camping there.

3. Ngrumput Beach

The next best camping spot on Gunungkidul beach is Ngrumput beach. The location of Ngrumput beach is close to Drini beach. The distance is approximately 1 Km to the east from Drini beach.

Because Ngrumput beach is a newly opened beach for tourism, the infrastructure to the beach has not been well developed. This means that to get to the beach area you need to walk down the path for 15 minutes from the motorbike/car parking.

There are 5 interesting things that you can get when camping on Ngrumput beach:

▪︎First, you can camp right in front of the beach. So, when you wake up, you can immediately see the beautiful beach in the morning.
▪︎Second, Ngrumput beach has beautiful cliffs and coral views. You will get a variety of beautiful photo spots while camping there.
▪︎Third, the location of Ngrumput beach is close to the peak of Kosakora. This means that you can visit two of the best camping sites in Gunungkidul at the same time.
▪︎Fourth, a complete seafood culinary place. Besides presenting the charm of a beautiful beach, Ngrumput beach also offers delicious seafood culinary tours. So, after camping, you can eat a typical Gunungkidul seafood dish.
▪︎Finally, the camping area is wide enough to even fit up to 100 tents. So, you don't need to be afraid of running out of camping spots while on Ngrumput beach.

4. Sedahan Beach

Another camping paradise on Gunungkidul beach is Sedahan beach. Sedahan Beach is not yet popular with tourists, but for camping lovers, this beach is a treat for the soul. Clean beaches, clear water, deserted visitors, really like a hidden paradise.

Some camping activists in Gunungkidul even call Sedahan beach a virgin beach. Because its existence has not been touched by many people.

Because Sedahan beach is not yet very popular, don't be surprised if the road to the beach is not good. Especially after entering the village of Jepitu, Girisubo.

Based on our experience camping at Sedahan beach, this beach is really quiet. We really like the atmosphere. Really like a private beach for us. For those who are looking for tranquility and avoiding noise, this beach is suitable for you to make your next camping destination.

If you want to camp at Sedahan beach, we have 3 messages:

▪︎First, do not set up a tent too close to the shoreline. Because at night, the sea water will be high. And usually a bit high on Sedahan beach.
▪︎Second, don't swim at Sedahan beach. Sedahan Beach has a fairly strong back current, if you swim, you can be drawn into the middle of the sea. So, just play in the water on the beach. You don't have to get to the middle of anything else to swim.
▪︎Third, don't leave trash. The beauty of Sedahan beach is the clear water, the breeze and the clean place. Don't pollute this hidden paradise with the trash you brought with you.

5. Greweng Beach

The next interesting camping spot on Gunungkidul beach is Greweng beach. Greweng Beach is a beach located next to Wedi Ombo beach, Gunungkidul.

The location is quite hidden and cannot be accessed by public transportation. There is only a footpath for access to Greweng beach. If you park at Wedi Ombo beach, you need to walk about 1 km or the equivalent of 20 walking.

The majority of people who visit Greweng beach are teenagers and young people. No parents and children. This is because access to the location is quite difficult.

There are 5 advantages of Greweng beach for camping:

▪︎First, Greweng beach has instagramable photo spots. So, if you camp here, you can get cool photos with a clean beach background like beaches abroad.
▪︎Second, the atmosphere of the beach is quiet, quiet and reassuring. Perfect for relieving fatigue after working hard. Because this beach is difficult to access, the visitors are also relatively few. Most are also lovers of camping, frequency.
▪︎Third, there is a trekking area to the coral hill.
▪︎Fourth, there are many spacious areas on Greweng beach, which you can use to play, run or just play with the sand.
▪︎Fifth, a fun place to camp.

Greweng Beach is one of the favorite spots for camping lovers in Gunungkidul. The place is beautiful, the beach sand is white and clean and the wind is light.

However, because access is quite difficult, the facilities on this beach have not been well developed. So, you will only get beautiful beaches hidden from the bustle of Gunungkidul tourism.

6. Siung Beach

Siung Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Gunungkidul which is well known to foreign countries. This is because there is a lot of coverage of rock climbing events in the cliff area of ​​Siung beach. Many national and international rock climbing events have been held in this beach area.

On the beach, cloves are not only beautiful cliffs. The camping area is quite spacious and comfortable. And empty of visitors. So, you can relax and play on the beach while camping to your heart's content.

On Siung beach, you can set up a tent in the beach area and on the hill. If you want to camp on a hill, you need to go up to the eastern cliff first. There, the local residents of the arid hills became a camping ground.

There are 3 things that make Siung beach attractive for camping spots:

▪︎First, the beach atmosphere is very comfortable with a light breeze.
▪︎Second, there is a sunset hill as a place to see the beautiful sunset on Siung beach.
▪︎Third, visitors can camp directly in the beach area and in the hill area. So, be flexible according to the convenience of each.

By camping at Siung beach you can do various things, including:

❶Walk along the coast.
❷Trekking on hills and cliffs.
❸Playing in the water on the beach.
❹Seeing the sunset at the sunset hill on Siung beach.
❺Enjoy the sparkling stars on Siung beach.

7. Kosakora Peak

Lastly, this is the most popular camping spot this year, Kosakora Peak. The peak of Kosakora is a camping spot in the same area as Ngrumput beach. So, after you arrive at Ngrumput beach, you take the east direction and follow the signposts to the top of Kosakora.

The peak of Kosakora became very popular because many Instagramable sunset photos were created from this place. How come? Because if you look at the sunset from the top of Kosakora, you will clearly see the sun setting over the hills. Not hindered by anything.

From the top of Kosakora, you can also see the beauty of Ngrumput beach from above. In the afternoon, you can relax until you drink coffee and enjoy the beauty of the wide expanse of the southern sea.

The advantages of the peak of Kosakora do not stop there. If the weather is clear, you can see the sparkling stars at night from the peak. The breeze, the soothing sound of the waves and the sparkling stars in the sky, really a very romantic atmosphere. From these various advantages, many tourists have named the peak of Kosakora as one of the best camping spots in Jogja.

To get the best camping experience at the top of Kosakora, we recommend camping from July to October.

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