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INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Malang Raya is one of the tourist destinations in East Java. The area which includes Malang Regency, Malang City and Batu City has a lot of tourist objects, especially those with a nature theme. Tourists also have many choices of lodging such as hotels in Malang Raya.

For those of you who want a vacation or staycation, Malang Raya can be a destination, because there are a number of hotels that offer beautiful natural views such as mountains or city landscapes.

The following is a selection of hotels in Malang Raya with beautiful views:

1. Whiz Prime Hotel Basuki Rahmat Malang

This hotel is located on Jalan Basuki Rahmat, not far from the heritage area of ​​Malang City and the Rajabally intersection. From this hotel, you can see the city view with the exotic old Dutch heritage buildings.

Not far from this hotel there is also a coffee shop which is arranged in such a way with the concept of a heritage building. The view from the top of the hotel is an interesting treat for guests staying at this hotel.

2. The 101 Malang OJ Hotel

This hotel is on Jalan Dr. Cipto, Klojen District, Malang City. This hotel looks taller than the surrounding buildings.

On the highest floor of the hotel, namely the 12th floor, to be precise at the Skyroom Rooftop Cafe, guests who come will be spoiled with the beautiful panorama of Malang City and Batu City. When morning comes, the beauty of Malang City which is surrounded by mountains will spoil the eyes of guests.

In the evening, the sunset is an attraction while enjoying food and drinks at this hotel. It should be noted that this Skyroom Rooftop Cafe accepts the last order at 22.00 WIB for hotel guests.

3. Maxone Ascent Hotel Malang

Want to feel the sensation of swimming and eating with a 180 degree view of Malang City. This Maxone Ascent hotel can be an option. Located at Jalan Attorney General Suprapto Number 75 A, Rampal Celaket Village, Klojen, Malang City, this three-star hotel offers an exotic swimming pool with views of the Malang city skyline.

4. Golden Tulip Batu City

This hotel is located on Jalan Cherry No. 10 Panderman Hill complex or at the foot of Mount Panderman, Batu City. One of the interesting locations that is being hunted by guests is the Sky Dome Lounge and Bar.

Its location which is in the same complex as the Golden Tulip Hotel with a mountainous background, makes this restaurant an alternative for hotel guests.

This location is often used as a photo object because of its beautiful and Instagramable location. Not to mention if this morning the beauty of Batu City which is surrounded by mountains such as Mount Arjuno, Mount Panderman, and Mount Butak is seen more clearly.

5. The Batu Hotel & Villas

Its location not far from the Jatim Park Group tourist area in Batu City makes this three-star hotel strategic. Moreover, on the Rooftop or the top floor of this hotel, it is currently being transformed into a place to eat with a natural view of Batu City which is guaranteed to make you feel at home.

Having the name Awang-Awang Sky Lounge, has become a conversation on social media because the location is so beautiful. The place which operates every day from 12.00 - 21.00 WIB during the PPKM period, offers views of Batu City with the mountains that surround it.

In the afternoon, visitors get a bonus view of the sunset or sunset which is often sought after by travelers. The beauty of the natural scenery is guaranteed to be cute and instagramable. Moreover, the cold air and breezy wind make visitors feel at home for long here.

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