5 Most Romantic Beach Tours in the World for Honeymoon

The beach is one of the romantic places for couples to spend their honeymoon. Here are 5 of the most romantic beach tours in the world for your honeymoon.

Not without reason the beach is a romantic place. In that place, with your partner, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset with the sound of the waves, as well as the beautiful white sand and blue sea.

In that atmosphere, time seemed to be moving slowly and the honeymoon was definitely memorable.

For that, there is nothing wrong if you make beach tourism as a honeymoon place of choice, as follows:

1. St. Lucia, Kep. Caribbean

St. Beach Lucia in the Caribbean Islands is one of the most romantic beach resorts.

St. Lucia is an island nation located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is located bordering the Atlantic Ocean and is included in the ranks of the North American continent.

Reported from the official tourism site of St. Lucia, one of the reasons St. Lucia is included in a romantic beach tour because of the beauty of the natural panorama of the hills that blends with the shoreline and its well-maintained natural beauty.

The beauty of nature is reflected in the white and soft sandy beaches, clean, clear, and calm sea water, the beauty and underwater life that are well preserved, as well as a variety of marine game attractions.

To get here, it seems you have to spend a lot of money. The reason is, the World Travel Award has crowned St. Lucia as 'World's Leading Honeymoon Destination' nine times. Practically, if you come here, you will get world-class service.

2. Bora Bora, Polynesia, France

Romantic beach excursions like Bora-bora in the Waters of Polynesia, France, are suitable to be visited with a partner.

Bora Bora is an archipelago located in the waters of French Polynesia and directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. This island is known as a romantic beach destination for the bourgeoisie and world celebrities.

However, there is a reason behind the high cost of a vacation to Bora Bora. Bora Bora Island is relatively small, but filled with stunning beauty ranging from volcanic hills that are no longer active, lush and beautiful forests, to crystal clear and blue seas, as well as white sandy beaches.

Most of the activities in Bora Bora involve the ocean. You will be spoiled with the beauty of the Bora Bora sea while doing activities around the island by jetski, feeding sharks and rays, to snorkeling enjoying the underwater beauty of Bora Bora.

If you have more budget, you can rent a yacht to explore the island while relaxing watching the sunset complete with drinks and luxurious food.

Many think that the best and most cost-effective time to visit Bora Bora is November to April. It was not a favorite time for tourists to visit. As a result, all costs will usually go down and be cheaper than usual.

3. Maldives

Like a world-class romantic beach tour, the Maldives enchants tourists with turquoise waters, clean white sand, beautiful sunsets, orange skies in the morning and evening, and all other luxuries.

Located in the southwest of Sri Lanka, this island nation waivers visas so that people of the world can enjoy the beauty of the Maldives. No wonder many Indonesians choose the Maldives as a romantic destination.

Reporting from the Maldives Ministry of Tourism website, the beauty of the Maldives lies not only on the sea surface, but also in the underwater life which is home to five percent of the coral reef population on Earth.

As is known, coral reefs are home to many fish so that they play an important role in the underwater life ecosystem. Thus, snorkeling is one of the activities you can do with your partner while visiting the Maldives.

Apart from snorkeling, you can also take a walk on the beach enjoying the breeze, white and smooth sand, kite flying, swimming among manta rays, enjoying a variety of delicious food and drinks, meditation, and enjoying a spa with views of the exotic blue sea.

With a dish like that, it's fitting that the Maldives receive The World's Leading Destination 2020 from the World Travel Awards.

4. Fiji

The Fiji Islands are also suitable as a romantic beach resort.

Fiji is an island nation located in the southern Pacific Ocean and is bordered by Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Wallis and Futuna, and Tonga.

Fiji has long been known by the world's population as a romantic tourist destination. Fiji has clear blue waters, sparkling white sand, beautiful nature, and interesting attractions involving the ocean.

With your partner you can enjoy attractions such as relaxing picnics by the beach in a limited area on Mociu Island. Enjoy the beauty of the island of Fiji from the air using a seaplane, snorkeling with manta rays, diving to see Fiji's colorful coral reefs, and sailing to enjoy the sunset in the midst of the blue Fiji sea.

Even though it is far and seems expensive, but it is all worth the charming natural beauty of Fiji.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a romantic beach resort from Indonesia.

'Island of God', as Bali is known in the world. Bali does have a magical power that hypnotizes anyone to come back again. When visiting with your partner, especially honeymooners, you must visit the range of beaches in South Bali. The main attraction is in the panorama of the orange sky at sunset.

If you want a more private and quiet atmosphere, Nusa Dua can be the right choice. Want to relax while enjoying the beauty of the sun, Uluwatu is the best place. If you want to just take a walk on the beach, play in the sand, enjoy seafood dishes, spa, and swim in the infinity pool, you can find it from Sanur, Jimbaran, to Canggu beaches.

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