These 3 Animals Are Known To Hear Infrasound Sounds

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - There are some animals that can hear infrasound. Infrasound is sound that has a frequency below 20 Hz. With this frequency, humans cannot hear it because they can only hear sounds with a frequency of 20 Hz and above.

So, what animals can hear infrasound? Compiled from various sources, here are the reviews.

1. Elephant

In a study, elephants are known to be able to detect signs of an impending tsunami. This is because elephants are one of the animals that can hear infrasound sounds.

Reported by the Nature website, even research has shown elephants use infrasound waves to carry out long-distance conversations. Researchers have noticed this in recent decades.

In an incident that occurred in Thailand, a man named Wit Aniwat was awakened by the sound of an elephant. Shortly after, the elephant became restless on the floor to escape. However, just as Wit was about to chase after him, a Tsunami wave hit the mainland. This then proves that elephants can hear infrasound sounds that come from the low-frequency roar generated by the tsunami.

2. Dove

Pigeons are the next animal to hear infrasound. Generally, birds can only hear the most sensitive of about 1-4 kHz. However, pigeons and some other species show a response to this infrasound.

Reporting from the Movie Cultists website, in experiments using heart rate conditioning, pigeons were able to detect infrasound sounds at frequencies as low as 0.5 Hz. The reason pigeons can hear infrasound is because infrasound sensitive neurons are traced back to the apical end, the basilar papilla aneurysm.

3. Rhinoceros

Another animal that can hear infrasound is the rhinoceros. Rhinos are known as animals with excellent hearing. Not only hearing, they can also communicate through infrasound sound.

Reported by the vedantu website, rhinos are known to be able to produce and hear sounds at frequencies as low as 4 Hz. Better than a bat that can only hear from 9 Hz.

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