5 Countries in the World That Don't Have an Airport, What's the Reason?

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Airports (airports) are an important infrastructure for every country to be able to connect with other regions or countries. However, there are a number of countries in the world that do not have airports. So, access to this country is only by land, namely car or train. The reason this country does not have an airport is that it has a small area and is flanked by other countries.

Here are five countries in the world that do not have airports.

1. San Marino

San Marino is the fifth smallest country in the world and one of the oldest republics in the world. The country is located on the slopes of Mount Titano, northeast of Italy.

The longest point of San Marino is only 13 kilometers (km). This historic site in San Marino is designated a UNESCO world heritage site.

Without an airport, tourists can visit San Marino by train from Rome, Italy. The journey takes approximately five hours.

Another alternative is to take a boat, bus or train from Pula, Croatia, for approximately eight hours.

If you visit San Marino, don't forget to check out the oldest fort of Rocca Guaita which was built in the 11th century.

2. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest country in Europe. This German-speaking country is located between Austria and Switzerland in the Alps.

Liechtenstein is one of the countries suitable for travelers seeking tranquility in the mountains.

Without an airport, tourists would have to travel by train. If departing from Berlin, Germany, it takes less than 10 hours.

Meanwhile, the journey from Vienna, Austria, only takes seven hours without changing trains.

3. Andorra

Andorra is the sixth smallest state in Europe. It is located between France and Spain, precisely in the Pyrenees Mountains.

This small country is known for its ski resorts. However, Andorra can also be visited in the summer as 90 percent of the area is tree-lined.

Although it does not have an airport, Andorra is reachable from both France and Spain.

From Paris, tourists can take the train for eight hours, or drive for eight and a half hours.

4. Monako 

This kingdom-shaped country is located along the coast in Nice, France. Monaco is a sovereign country, as well as the second smallest country in the world.

Despite its small area, Monaco is a country known for its casinos and a paradise for jetsetters.

Reporting from Forbes, residents of Monaco can be categorized as millionaires and billionaires. In 2018, almost a third of the population had assets of more than US$1 million (approximately Rp. 14.35 billion) and not including their homes.

Meanwhile, Monaco does not have an airport because the territory of the country is not so wide.

Jetsetters visiting Monaco using private jets (including F1 drivers) must land at Nice Cote d'Azur Airport. Alternatively, tourists can take a boat from Nice or Cannes while enjoying the beach views.

5. Vatikan 

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world which is right in the heart of Rome, Italy. The area is only 44 hectares so it is difficult to build airport facilities in this country.

This Catholic holy city can be reached from the largest station in Rome, namely Roma Termini, in just 35 minutes. If tourists depart from Spain, they can arrive in Rome for 24 hours by boat or train.

Even though it doesn't have an airport, the Vatican is never empty of tourists. If you visit the Vatican, don't forget to visit St. Peter's Basilica, the world's largest domed church building from the Renaissance period.

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