These are 6 Animals That Can Change Gender, Number 5 Who would have thought

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Animals that can change sex are proof that nature has always had its own uniqueness. In this case, there are some animals that can change their gender and there are also animals that can use both sexes at the same time.

Some of these phenomena generally occur due to natural processes that offer the species reproductive flexibility. In addition, there are also external factors such as rising global temperatures that make changes to the characteristics of these animals.

Reported from the INDONEWTRAVEL.COM site, here are some animals that can change gender:

1. Banana Snail

Bright yellow in color and about 10 inches long, this worm-shaped animal is a simultaneous hermaphrodite. What this means is that this banana snail cannot change gender continuously, but can use both male and female reproductive organs at the same time.

Banana Snails can self-fertilize, but most of these animals prefer to find a mate. When it comes to mating season, two banana snails will curl up and engage in the exchange of sperm, each of which fertilizes an egg.

2. Eagle Fish / Hawkfish

Hawkfish or commonly known as Eagle Fish is also one of the animals that can change its gender. This brightly colored fish species usually has a female genitalia and can change to a male when a condition requires it to change gender.

This is because the male hawkfish takes too many females, forcing the female hawkfish to change sex to male. One thing that distinguishes the eagle fish from other hermaphrodites is that it can switch back to its original sex.

So, a female eagle that turns into a male can turn back into a female again. Of course it adapts to the existing conditions and situations.

3. Butterfly

Not many think that this animal known for its beauty is a hermaphrodite animal. Some butterfly species, such as the Lycaeides, display the rare condition of gynandromorphism, which can cause male and female traits to be arranged in one species.

So the butterfly has one side as a male and the other side as a female. Generally, the phenomenon of Gynandromorphism is found in many types of insects, birds, and the most interesting is in butterflies. This unique phenomenon occurs in one in 10,000 butterflies.

4. Clown fish

Fish that have a bright orange color with some white stripes are also hermaphrodites. Generally, these clownfish are born in one particular sex, but can change it if needed.

Clown fish live in groups that have two sexually mature members, namely a large male and a large female. The rest are smaller and there are male species that are not sexually mature.

If something happens to the female in the breeding process, her male partner will change sex to female and choose another male in the group to be his new partner.

5. Bass

Black Sea Bass Species are found throughout the United States from Maine to the Florida Keys. This animal is a protogynous hermaphrodite or an animal that can change its sex from female to male.

With their widely dispersed population, it is difficult for researchers to observe their reproductive activity in their natural habitat. However, a study of Sea Bass in tanks revealed that sex change may be related to need. So, if a female Sea Bass sees a decline in the male species, she will change her gender to a male.

6. Copperhead Snake

Some female snakes such as the Copperhead are parthenogenesis. This means that female snakes fertilize their own eggs without a male snake sexual partner.

Although technically not a reversal, this type of snake can carry out the reproductive function of both sexes at once. With facultative parthenogenesis, specialized cells called polar bodies and are produced with eggs, sometimes acting as sperm to fertilize them.

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