Top 10 Train Routes in the World

Apart from planes, the most widely used accommodation is trains, whether for business purposes, traveling, or going home.

Taking the train is fun, moreover we can enjoy the beautiful scenery from a closer distance. Based on a survey of 80 trains around the world, this is the Condé Nast Traveler version of the best travel route.

1. | Tokaido Shinkansen, Jepan

The Shinkansen high-speed train can cover a distance of 515 kilometers in two hours. So fast, maybe the scenery you see only looks at a glance.

Of the many routes, Tokyo to Osaka is the best. You can witness the splendor of Mount Fuji on the way. Morning or evening is the target of many tourists to be able to feel this rare experience.

2. | Trans-Mongolian Express, China

The long 12 hour journey from Moscow, Russia, to China will not be boring. Many unique scenery that was not imagined before.

For example, the Siberian route to Mongolia where the land is red and dominated by sand dunes. The scenery gets even more stunning as the train begins to approach China. The train will be over a steep valley with stunning views of the valley, gardens and river.

3. | Riviera Trains, France

Commuter trains in this beautiful little town in Riveria, France, are so charming. The view of the city is stunning. It's even more satisfying if you order a ticket to Italy.

The 90 minute ride on the train was so much fun. The train will pass through hilly areas, forests, and tunnels full of plants. The scenery that you can see, such as the sea, bays, and charming urban areas.

4. | Sunset Limited

Sunset Limited is the oldest train in the United States. One of the best routes is New Orleans to Los Angeles. Make sure you get a seat near the window.

If the time is right, you can even see a stunning sunset in Arizona. In addition, enjoy the charm of the desert when in the New Mexico area.

5. | Venice-Simplon Orient Express, English

This is one of the best trains you can find in Europe. Venice-Simplon Orient Express is designed for tourists who want to have an extraordinary experience. The facilities are complete and the view is beautiful.

The best route you ordered is Venice (Italy) to London (England). The view of the Swiss Alps is a moment not to be missed.

6. | Death Railway, Thailand

The route from Bangkok to Nam Tok, Thailand, is indeed beautiful. You will see many beautiful forest areas. You will also cross the Kwai River via a bridge.

Unfortunately, the story behind the construction of the track is quite tragic. The track was built during the 2nd world war when Japan was in control of Thailand. Many victims died as a result of its construction.

7. | The Qinghai-Tibet, China

This train will make you feel like climbing a mountain without getting tired. The Xining route to Lhasa, China, is considered the highest rail route in the world. The ride is over 5,000 meters above sea level.

The scenery is very impressive, you can see sparkling lakes, green slopes, Kunlun Mountains, sunsets, sunrises, and many others.

8. | Mandovi Express, India

Going to Madgaon from Mumbai, India, using the Mandovi Express will be an amazing experience. A 12-hour journey will make you enjoy the charm of Konkan Beach and Sahyadri Hill.

More special with rows of coconut trees, activities of people in the countryside, old bridges, and so on. Very heartwarming!

9. | Reunification Express, Vietnam

Hanoi and Da Nang are both well-known as must-see destinations when visiting Vietnam. You can take the train to travel to both cities.

Reunification Express offers special views, such as sunrise, plantation area, South China Sea, shoreline, and others.

10. | Rupert Rocket

The Skeena or Rupert Rocket trains can be the best options for traveling from Jaspen to Prince Rupert, Canada. A great opportunity to enjoy Jasper National Park in Alberta.

In addition, there is also the Cariboo Mountains area which is the background of the green lake. So beautiful, you will regret if you fall asleep in the middle of the trip.

Those are the 10 best train routes in the world. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not listed in the list this time. In your opinion, which one is the most beautiful?

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