5 Remote Places in the World That You Can Visit

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Decades ago, visiting a place was difficult. The further away the location is, the more difficult the journey will be.

Something different happened today. Although the cost of traveling abroad is still quite expensive, today's means of transportation make traveling more enjoyable and easy.

But not because transportation is now much more sophisticated, it doesn't mean we can visit all places. In addition to the conditions of the destination, some places are also difficult to access. Reported by Indonewtravel.com, here are the 5 most remote places in the world that you can visit!

1. | Longyearbyen, Norway

Located in Norway, Longyearbyen is the northernmost city, as well as being one of the most remote places in the world. Located on Svalbard Island, this city of 2,000 inhabitants is 1,046 km from the North Pole.

To be able to visit Longyearbyen, tourists need three hours by plane from Svalbard Airport in the city of Oslo. The problem is, flights to this city are also very limited, and there are only three times a week.

Given its location not too far from the Arctic region, residents who want to get out of the city must carry weapons to guard against polar bear attacks.

2. | Changtang National Park, Tibet 

Earning the nickname "The Roof of the World", Changtang National Park is indeed located in one of the highest areas in the world, namely the Tibetan plateau. This place is located at an altitude of 2,743 meters above sea level, and is home to several species of wildlife such as snow leopards, brown bears, black-necked cranes, as well as nomadic people who call themselves Changpa.

Unlike most national parks, Changtang is very difficult to access. There are several ways to be able to set foot in the second largest national park in the world, namely by plane from Leh airport, train from Udhampur Station, or by car from Manali.

Unfortunately, you have to pay thousands of dollars to get here and have to have prior permission from the Tibetan government.

3. | Pitcairn Islands, Pacific Ocean

The Pitcairn Islands became the most remote place in the next world. Actually, the Pitcairn Archipelago consists of four islands, but there is only one island inhabited by humans, and even then only seven people.

Unlike the previous two remote places, Pitcairn Island does not have an airport, so there are no flights to the island. The only way to get there is to travel for 32 hours by cruise.

4. | Oymyakon City, Russia

If Longyearbyen is the northernmost city, then Oymyakon in Russia gets the nickname as the coldest city in the world. The temperature in this city averages around -50 degrees Celsius, and in winter they live in darkness for 21 hours every day.

Just like most other remote places, the city of Oymyakon is also difficult to access. If you depart from Moscow, then you have to fly to the nearest city Yakutsk, then from that city you have to travel for two days by car.

One thing to keep in mind is that the closer you get to Oymyakon, the colder it gets. So make sure you don't drive alone, and bring a jacket, gloves, scarf, or anything else to keep you warm.

5. | Tristan da Cunha

Oymyakon may be remote, but it pales in comparison to Tristan da Cunha. Awarded as the most remote place in the world, Tristan da Cunha is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The closest country to this island is South Africa, and is part of the United Kingdom.

The island is inhabited by 300 people, and they all speak English. Now because the closest country is South Africa, the only access to Tristan da Cunha is through this country. You can use an airplane from Cape Town to Tristan da Cunha. Unfortunately, in one year, there are only nine flights to Tristan da Cunha, so it looks like it will be difficult to get home.

Traveling abroad is not something that is easy for many people, but traveling to these five places is much more difficult. The location is far from everywhere, the extreme temperatures, and the lack of transportation to this remote place makes other people have to think twice before deciding to visit.

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