8 Harbors with the Most Beautiful Views in the World

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - The harbor is one of the busiest waters in every region. Because water vehicle traffic starts and ends here. Ships and boats docked along the shoreline. This place is the center of the economy in various countries.

The port was built as part of the means of transportation and the economy. But not infrequently the port is also used as a tourist attraction, built majestically like Alexandria or Rhodes in the past. Even these two places had the first wonders of the world, namely the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Then how about now? Which port has the most beautiful views? Here we show a row of harbors with the most stunning views in the world.

1. | Port Lympia - France

The port in the city of Nice has the name Port Lympia. Although tourists prefer to call it the port of Nice. The waters there are the perfect location for viewing luxury yachts. Old buildings that were erected in the 18th century are also the main attraction for this port in France.

2. | Aberdeen Harbour - Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a symbol of modern life and the thick westernization of the Asian continent. Its proud port, Aberdeen Harbor truly reflects that image. Surrounded by neatly arranged skyscrapers and the iconic Ap Lei Chau Bridge, this place is one of the spots that travelers should not miss.

3. | Sydney Harbour - New South Wales

New South Wales' Sydney Harbor is truly iconic. Especially thanks to the Opera House which is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The best way to see all its beauty is to take a ferry. Visitors can walk along the beach while admiring the Opera House and the equally beautiful Sydney Harbor Bridge.

4. | English Harbour - Antigua & Barbuda

Its name is English Harbour. But these harbors with beautiful views are in Antigua and Barbuda. Along with Nelson's Dockyard, which boasts brilliant blue beaches and leafy islands, it is the main attraction at the entrance to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

5. | Venice - Italy

As part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's no wonder the Venetian waters are one of the most popular tourist attractions. This city, which is always submerged in water, can be proud of its beautiful harbor, stunning canals, and of course a trip down the river on a romantic gondola.

6. | Portloe - English

Portloe is one of the most beautiful villages in England. It is in Cornwall which does have many areas with great views. It's not just a beautiful village. The harbor, which is surrounded by cliffs and settlements by the sea, is no less stunning.

7. | Port de Fontvieille - Monaco

Monaco is a beautiful and rich tiny country. This tropical island is a source of attraction for those seeking worldly pleasures. Even if you're not into gambling, just enjoying the view of Port de Fontvieille and the Rock of Monaco that adorns it is like heaven.

8. | Guanabara Bay - Brazil

The Guanabara Bay area definitely has one of the number one sights. The coast in Rio de Janeiro is beautified with views of the Sugarloaf Mountain which is the gateway to the bay. The giant statue of Christ The Redeemer that towers over the top of Corcovado is the finishing touch that adds to the splendor of Guanabara.

These are the ports with the most stunning views in the world. Been to one of them?

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