INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Over time and the development of technology, many means of transportation have been developed. One of them is air transportation in the form of planes. Air travel has become a very important part of the global economy.

Air transportation is widely chosen for long-distance travel because it has a fairly high speed and level of security. From there, several countries, and even cities in the world, have begun to develop airports to facilitate market growth which is increasing in the use of air transportation.

The type of airport is now no joke. There are super majestic, luxurious, to very large. Here are some of the largest airports in the world by square mile.

1. | King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia (299.61 sq miles)

King Fahd International Airport is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. By area, this airport is the largest airport in the world. The area is almost 300 square miles, making it similar in size to the city of New York.

2. | Denver International Airport, United States (53.09 square miles) 

Denver International Airport, has runway 16R/34L, with a length of 16000 feet, which makes it the seventh longest runway worldwide. Currently, DEN has non-stop service to 215 destinations with 23 airlines.

3. | Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, United States (26.88 square miles)

Dallas International Airport (DFW), is the third largest airport in the world. It is also the fourth busiest airport by passenger traffic in 2020.

4. | Orlando International Airport, United States (20.78 square miles)

The airport is located about 10 km southeast of downtown Orlando, Florida. In 2019, Orlando airport was named the tenth busiest airport in the United States, with 50,613,072 passengers.

5. | Washington Dulles International Airport, United States (18.75 sq mi)

Commonly known as Dulles Airport, this international airport is located in Loudoun County and Fairfax County, in Virginia. Dulles has the most international passengers of any airport in the Mid-Atlantic, outside of the New York area.

6. | Beijing Daxing International Airport, China (18 square miles)

Beijin Daxing Airport has a total facility of 7.5 square feet, almost the size of 130 football fields. Very broad isn't it? Beijing Daxing was built in the shape of a starfish to make it easier for passengers to get out. This airport is also projected to be the busiest airport in the world by 2040.

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