Crocodiles Take Over Empty Mexican Beach

For the first time in decades, crocodiles are starting to resurface on the beaches of La Ventanilla, Oaxaca, according to Mexico News Daily.

This reptile species has occupied sandy beaches normally occupied by tourists and beachgoers who are now isolated after the COVID-19 health crisis.

Mexico's government ordered beaches closed as they struggle to contain the pandemic that has wreaked havoc north of its border.

And now that the reptile species has returned to the shoreline, there is little doubt that the government will need to impose restrictions too often. Fewer than 6,000 Mexicans have reported being infected with the coronavirus and 449 people have died. The US has reported nearly 630,000 infections and 26,708 deaths.

Authorities reportedly caught crocodiles last month in a lagoon near surfing destination Puerto Escondido, also in the state of Oaxaca, but crocodiles weren't the only wildlife quickly reclaiming the spot.

Mexico News Daily also reported that jaguars and leatherback turtles were reported to have been in a tourist area, in Cancun, where such animals had not been seen for years.

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