Explore 10 Enchantments of Amahai Tourism & the Most Beautiful Seram Island!

Seram island tourist attraction – Seram Island is one of the islands of a group of islands in Maluku Province. The main and largest island in Maluku Province, Seram has a tourist charm that is worth exploring.

Starting from a trip to Amahai, one of the regencies on Seram Island, Toppers can start exploring various tourist attractions on Seram Island which are dominated by the beauty of this natural panorama.

Can't wait to peek at the beauty of various tourist attractions on Seram Island? Come on, check out the recommendations for the best Seram Island tourist destinations that Toppers deserve to visit!

Choice of the Best Seram Island Travel Destinations

1. | Ora Beach

Visiting Seram Island, the beauty of its beaches is a must that Toppers must enjoy. One of the beach attractions on the island of Seram is Ora Beach, located in the villages of Sawai and Saleman, Central Maluku.

White sand with clear blue sea water, this tourist attraction in Seram is known as one of the best snorkeling and diving spots. With the wealth of marine life and unspoiled coral reefs, as well as exotic natural landscapes, it is clear that Ora Beach is a must-visit destination when visiting Seram Island.

2. | Kuako Beach

The next beach tourism destination on Seram Island is Kuako Beach which is in Tanjung Kuako. From Amahai, Toppers still takes about 2.5 hours to be able to see this rocky beach which is still very quiet.

Having a calm atmosphere with unspoiled panoramas, this tourist attraction on this spooky island provides a relaxing feel that is also soothing to the eyes.

3. | Gumumai Beach

Another beach on Seram Island that is famous as a refreshing place is Gumumai Beach. Even since the Japanese colonial era, this tourist attraction in Seram has been popular as a place for workers who undergo forced labor to rest while releasing fatigue.

Gumumai itself in the local language means "let's get together", and until now this tourist spot in Amahai is still a place for residents to gather. Toppers can bring mats and various foods to gather on the beach while enjoying the soothing sound of the waves. But, remember not to litter, okay?

4. | Manusela National Park

The natural beauty on the island of Seram is indeed very enchanting and the Manusela National Park is one of the attractions in Seram that Toppers can visit to explore more deeply the natural beauty of this largest island in the Maluku Islands.

Having a hilly topography, and six mountains which are quite popular as hiking destinations, there are a lot of rich flora and fauna that make this tourist attraction on Seram Island their home.

Not only that, in the coastal area of ​​the Manusela National Park there is also a wealth of underwater nature that is no less beautiful. Additional destinations for snorkeling or diving for Toppers who like to explore the beauty of coral reefs.

5. | Akohi Cave

If Toppers has an adventurous spirit, Akohi Cave can be a tourist destination in Amahai which is quite exciting to explore. Located in the State of Tamilouw, Amahai District, Central Maluku Regency, Goa Akohi holds exotic views of stalactites and stalagmites.

Found around 1983, this natural tourist spot in Seram is named Akohi after the place where it was found which is in the Akohilo clan area.

The popularity of this cave itself has reached an international level, you know. In fact, several scientists from various countries who researched Goa Akohi and determined this cave as a natural cave that has the largest number of stalagmites and stalactites in the world, you know.

6. | Lumoli Waterfall

Another alternative tourist destination in Seram is Lumoli Waterfall, a stepped waterfall in the middle of a natural environment that is still very beautiful.

Here, Toppers can not only enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, but also play in the water or just soak to enjoy the calm natural nuances of this Seram Island tourist attraction.

For photography fans, it is clear that this tourist destination in Amahai will spoil the eyes of your camera lens with charming photo spots.

7. | Marsegu Island

Slightly across from the island of Seram, there are also several tourist islands that have no less extraordinary charm. One of them is Pula Maesegu which in the local language can be translated as Bat Island because this one animal inhabits a lot of the island which has an area of ​​240.2 Ha.

Besides bats, this tourist destination near Seram Island is also home to Maleo birds and Kepiting Kenari. With a stretch of clean white sand beach, to coral cliffs and other beautiful ecosystems, it's no wonder that Marsegu Island deserves to be included in the list of tourist attractions on Seram Island that must be visited.

8. | Kassa Island

This next island tourist destination around Seram Island is still not widely known, so it is suitable for Toppers who want to find a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Kassa Island, located in Piru Bay, offers a clean beach atmosphere with clear blue sea decorated with coral reefs and also small fish that swim freely.

9. | Latunai Island

Another snorkeling destination on Seram Island is on this unique island. It is named the sand itself because this small island in the bay of Waesela has no trees and is only in the form of a mound of white sand.

Even so, don't underestimate the underwater beauty of this Seram island tourist destination because you can enjoy the expanse of beautiful coral reefs under the clear sea surface.

10. | Osi Island

Adjacent to the island of Bats, Toppers can also stop at Osi Island. Although the tourist island around the island of Seram is smaller in size, the island of Osi has a cluster of small islands around it which are connected by wooden bridges, making the view of this archipelago even more interesting.

In addition to the quite instagramable atmosphere of the island, the underwater beauty in tourist destinations around the island of Seram is no less to be used as your next snorkeling spot when visiting the island of Seram.

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