Nusa Penida, The Best Backpacker Tourist Places in the World in 2020

Friends of Indonewtravel, an online hostel booking platform based in Ireland, Hostelworld, some time ago issued a list of the World's Top 20 Backpacking Destinations 2020 which consists of 20 top tourist destinations from around the world.

Proudly, two tourist destinations in Indonesia occupy the 1st and 5th positions in the top 10. The first place is Nusa Penida, then the 5th is Kuta Lombok.

Nusa Penida, became the most chosen by backpackers regarding the convenience of their visit. Located in the southeast of Bali which is separated by the Badung Strait, Nusa Penida has a natural panorama of a tropical island with rainforests and coral reefs that are very charming.

The main charm of this island lies in the Kelingking Beach which is shaped like the back of an ancient animal, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. According to Hostelworld's records, there was an increase in bookings for accommodation to Nusa Penida by 610 percent of tourists from Europe in the past year.

Penida as many as 610 percent of tourists from Europe in the past year.

If you look at all the places on the list, here are 20 of them
  1. Nusa Penida (Indonesia)
  2. Surat Thani (Thailand)
  3. Siargao Island (Filipina)
  4. Ha Giang (Vietnam)
  5. Kuta Lombok (Indonesia)
  6. Pong Nha (Vietnam)
  7. Amman (Yordania)
  8. Lake Tekapo (Selandia Baru)
  9. Ibiza (Spanyol)
  10. Ninh Binh (Vietnam)
  11. Coron (Filipina)
  12. Faro (Portugal)
  13. Yosemite (Amerika Serikat)
  14. Beirut (Libanon)
  15. Fukuoka (Jepang)
  16. Lagos (Portugal)
  17. Fuji mountain (Jepang)
  18. Ha Long (Vietnam)
  19. Cornwall (Inggris) dan
  20. Quy Nhon (Vietnam)

Travelers say, Nusa Penida has "magical" power

Gapura Bali illustrates that there is no satisfaction if travelers visit there, always wanting to come back and come back again because of the charm of the island. In fact, they say the island has a ''magical'' power that makes tourists always want to come back again.

There, tourists can attend a prayer ceremony in a sacred cave on the mountain, enjoy a tree house which is the most beautiful place to see the scenery, to swim on the beach accompanied by giant manta rays.

While enjoying the sunset, tourists can also eat Balinese specialties which are available in stalls at very affordable prices. That is the reason why backpacker tourists feel at home on the island.

Administratively, Nusa Penida is included in the Klungkung Regency, Bali Province. Hills and coral limestone are soil conditions on this island, one of which is the highest hill named Mount Mundi.

The coastal villages of Nusa Penida are located along the northern coast of the island in the form of flat land with an altitude of approximately 268 meters above sea level. The island has a population of 46,749 people (8,543 households) in the 2010 census, which inhabits an island covering an area of ​​202.8 sq km. Over the past decade, Nusa Penida has seen many changes in terms of tourism infrastructure.

Generally, travelers who come to the island target the center of tourist destinations located in the western part of the island, such as Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach. Here's the full location

South of the island:
  • Banah Cliff
  • Tembeling Beach
  • Tropical Forest and
  • Segaring Waterfall
West of the island:
  • Broken, Beach
  • Angel Billabong
  • Tree of Love
  • Paluang Cliff
  • Pinkie Swing
  • Kelingking Beach
  • Palungan cliff and
  • Crystal Bay
East of the island:
  • Atuh Beach
  • Suwehan Beach
  • Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida
  • Goa Giri Putri and
  • Vihara Dewi Kwan Im
Bali is included in the list of the best tourist destinations in the world 2020

Another good news comes from Trip Advisor, a website for designing and booking trips based in the United States. There are as many as 25 destinations in the world that are included in the awards for the most popular or best destinations in the world in 2020.

Every year, Trip Advisor summarizes all the reviews, ratings, and destinations that travelers around the world share most frequently and share. All the information obtained is used to see the best locations to be announced through the Travelers' Choice Best of the Best award.

In the award, the selected destinations generally have a unique and attractive choice of tourist attractions offered to travelers. And, Bali managed to get 4th place in the Popular Destinations in the World 2020 award because it is considered like a fantasy island.

When visiting there, travelers can enjoy the sun while strolling along the white sand beach, or explore the pristine forest to see wild monkeys. Travelers can also visit Ubud, if they want to enjoy traditional dance performances, take batik making classes, or take yoga classes, as well as visit Pura Luhur Batukaru.

Well, from the 25 best tourist destinations in the world in 2020, according to Trip Advisor, here are the top 10:
  • London (Inggris)
  • Paris (Prancis)
  • Kreta (Yunani)
  • Bali (Indonesia)
  • Roma (Italia)
  • Phuket (Thailand)
  • Sisilia (Italia)
  • Mallorca (Spanyol)
  • Barcelona (Spanyol) dan
  • Istanbul (Turki)
Menparekraf Appreciation

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Wishnutama Kusubandio welcomed the awards. In a press release, Sunday (2/8/2020), the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes that this achievement will further motivate Indonesia to be able to grow several new Balis.

He also hopes that Bali will continue to improve to be able to encourage and improve local tourism that is increasingly friendly and sustainable. Moreover, Bali has been known throughout the world, as a natural and cultural tourist destination that is admired by local and foreign tourists.

Since July 31, 2020, Bali has reopened its tourist attractions for domestic tourists, while foreign tourists were only allowed in early September.

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