Tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara provide extraordinary natural attractions. Attractive natural landscapes, special coastlines and unparalleled panoramas, you can enjoy freely during your holiday. However, not only in Labuan Bajo, there are dozens, even dozens of other fun tourist destinations in Flores that you must visit.

One of them that you must see in Flores is of course the wonder of the world, Komodo. Not a few tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo that present exotic animals from Eastern Indonesia as the main attraction. Seeing the way they live, eat, interact with their environment, everything is amazing. But, apart from enjoying the wild life of the Komodo dragons, there are also many tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo and Flores, which are guaranteed to make you fascinated and reluctant to go home.

1. | Awesome Padar Island

No other words can replace the word awesome when visiting Padar Island. It seems, the statement that Padar Island is a small piece of heaven scattered on earth is not an exaggeration, right?

2. | Wae Rebo who is above the clouds

This village is so iconic, even exotic. Not only because of the location and shape of the traditional houses there, but all things related to the village of Wae Rebo itself.
A visit to this village will introduce you to the culture and life story of the Manggarai tribe there. If you're interested, you can also stay at one of the residents' houses!

3. | Local wisdom at Sawah Lingko

You will not find a cobweb-like rice field in any place other than Cangar Village, Manggarai Regency. This circular rice field plot was made specifically, related to customary land management patterns. To make your vacation experience to Flores even more memorable, there's nothing wrong with asking a local guide why the rice fields are formed that way.

4. | Exploring the pristine nature of Kelor Island

Who doesn't like exploring unspoiled nature, not yet touched by civilization?

In Flores, you can find tourist destinations like this on Kelor Island – a small island with white sand and greenery in the middle, and small ripples of calm waves. This fantastic destination is perfect for those who are looking for tranquility!

5. | Cute and beautiful Pink Beach

Pink lovers should not miss this tourist destination in Labuan Bajo. Seen from anywhere, the spot is fun, cool and so pinky!

Want to just swim, sun bathing to snorkeling, what you see and feel is inner satisfaction because you have witnessed the beauty of God's creation.

6. | Gili Laba, the best spot to enjoy the sunset

There are not a few beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit in Flores. One of them is Gili Laba, or also known as Gili Lawa Darat.
This small island offers an exciting place to enjoy the nature of Flores from a height. A little trekking in the late afternoon, you can get to the top and see the beautiful sunset in Flores.

7. | A little paradise called Kanawa Island

Glass-clear blue sea, immaculate white sand beaches, exotic coral reefs and extraordinary landscapes.

Yes, that's a brief description of the beauty of Kanawa Island and its surroundings. This beauty certainly makes Kanawa Island one of the tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo that you must visit. Promise me, there's no harm in visiting this tropical tourist spot.

8. | The wonders of Lake Kelimutu

From myths, atmospheres to historical records, Lake Kelimutu has aroused curiosity for anyone who knows it. Just imagine, three large lakes at the top of Mount Kelimutu, which have three different colors and can change at certain times. Are you not interested in witnessing this wonder while in Flores?

9. | Goa Rangko Labuan Bajo, like an oasis in the middle of the desert

Not a few know it as Goa Buaya, but whatever the name, everyone agrees with the incomparable beauty that Goa Rangko presents. Just imagine, there is a cave in the recesses of the earth, filled with clear salty water and filled with beautiful stalactites. Sounds cool, right? Don't miss taking pictures in it, okay!

10. | Exotic Mangiatan Atoll

Atoll, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, is a circular coral island, usually in the middle there is a lake or lagoon. From the definition alone, you can already describe how exotic this tourist destination in Labuan Bajo is. But if you still can't, you can check the photos here, and immediately schedule a vacation there, OK!

11. | Pamper your eyes and heart at Cunca Wulang

Those of you who want to pamper your eyes and heart in a slightly different place in Flores and Labuan Bajo, you can directly visit Cunca Wulang. Not only encountering Instagenic valleys, you will also find exotic waterfalls. Taking selfies here is sure to make for great pictures!

12. | Getting to know megalithic traditions in Bena Traditional Village, Bajawa

Not only the charming Wae Rebo, there is another village that is no less sexy in Flores, namely Bena Village.
This megalithic village is located on the top of a hill with a panoramic view of Mount Inerie which is an interesting backdrop for the village. Traditional houses and ancestral traditions that are maintained add to the exotic side of this village. You have to come here when you go to Flores!

13. | Unique sand island, Taka Makassar

If you want to see something special in Flores, Taka Makassar may be your destination. This sand island appears only at low tide, and is no bigger than a football field.
What makes Taka Makassa even more extraordinary are the beautiful corals that surround the island. Of course, if you see it with snorkeling, it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed.

14. | Manta Point, paradise for diving lovers

This is the most famous tourist spot in Flores among both beginners and professional divers.
How not, besides being able to see the cool underwater world, you can also see Manta fish, or it can also be called giant stingrays, which swim to and fro very friendly. Don't forget to bring your underwater camera, okay?

15. | Mirror Stone Cave

It took a little long to be able to witness the magic in Batu Cermin Cave. But if you come at the right time, you will know why this location is named so. Tips, come in the afternoon before the afternoon.
Don't worry about going out of style because the panorama offered in this cave is really cool!

16. | Rinca Island, paradise of ancient animals

Besides Komodo Island, Rinca Island is one of the other tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo to be able to see up close this remaining prehistoric animal.
A visit to NTT certainly shouldn't miss the opportunity to take pictures with Komodo, don't you think?

17. | A look at Liang Bua, home to the Hobbits from Flores

This tourist destination in Labuan Bajo can be a favorite spot for archaeologists, paleonthropologists and researchers of past life. In fact, it was in Liang Bua that for the first time a hobbit human fossil was found in East Nusa Tenggara. Its quite exotic location also makes this tourist spot often used as a selfie spot. Instagenic, huh!

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