Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam that You Must Visit

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Tourist attractions in the Netherlands have special characteristics, especially with the presence of windmills. Apart from being an important tool for the needs of the community, on the other hand it is able to become an icon that sticks until now.

In addition, the artistic, classic buildings become a view that will fascinate the eyes of tourists. It doesn't stop there, there are also classic, but instagramable, Dutch tourist attractions.

The Netherlands is a unique country. The majority of the land is located no more than 1 meter above sea level. Even 20% of it is below sea level.

So, we know another name for the Netherlands, namely Nederland which means a lowland country. In addition, the Netherlands is also famous as a land of reclamation.

The reclamation process has been carried out since the end of the 16th century. So what does this have to do with tourism in the Netherlands? In fact, the reclamation system that has been carried out has also elaborated the embankment system, as well as drainage, to the pump system, which has transformed into a tourist destination.

The land of windmills, another name for the Netherlands as an affirmation that the windmill system, or water pump is capable of becoming a destination that is able to attract the attention of tourists.

1. Amsterdam

The first tourist attractions in the Netherlands, let's start from Amsterdam. A city that holds the status as the only city that is below sea level.

This condition has an impact on urban planning which is dominated by long canals, more than 100 kilometers, as well as many bridge buildings.

The 3 main canals in the city of Amsterdam have been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. This condition in the end combined with the architecture of the classic buildings on the banks of the canal into an exotic, romantic scene.

2. Kinderdijk Desa Village

The next tourist spot in the Netherlands is a place that makes the Netherlands get the nickname as the land of windmills. The name of the tourist spot is Kinderdijk Village.

In Kinderdijk Village, there is the oldest windmill in the Netherlands, which was built in 1740. The windmill system in Kinderdijk Village functions to drain seawater, so that it eventually becomes land.

The comfortable atmosphere while in Kinderdijk Village is another attraction. The tourists can use a bicycle to get around Kinderdijk Village. In addition, Kinderdijk Village has also received the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Location of Kinderdijk Village: South Holland, The Netherlands.

Kinderdijk Village entrance ticket price: Free. Except for entering the museum area.

3. Keukenhof Flower Gardens

One of the most romantic and instagramable tourist attractions in the Netherlands is the Keukenhof Flower Garden. A place that presents a mix of extensive flower gardens, as well as the charm of a typical Dutch windmill.

The Keukenhof Flower Garden was built in 1949, and has an area of ​​about 32 ha. The Keukenhof Flower Garden is one of the largest flower gardens in the world.

In the Keukenhof Flower Garden there are 7 million colorful, well-arranged flowers. There are also about 800 varieties of tulips.

It does not stop there, at Keukenhof there is also a very magnificent castle, with a classical architectural style.

Keukenhof Flower Garden Location: Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands.

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