Top 10 Natural Tourist Attractions in Italy, Fascinating World Travelers

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Italy is as famous for its history as for its history or for its pasta dishes, as many ancient buildings are on the list of wonders of the world. The birthplace of the Renaissance is also blessed with extraordinary natural scenery. From mountains to beaches. If you have plans to spend time on vacation in Italy, don't forget to visit the following 10 natural attractions in Italy.

1. Amalfi Coast

This natural tourism in Italy is certainly a favorite of many tourists because it has very beautiful scenery. The Amalfi Coast is an area of ​​coastline that reaches 50 kilometers in length in the Mediterranean Sea.

This coastal area in the Province of Salerno was named a World Heritage Site in 1997 by UNESCO because it has a very beautiful view of the Mediterranean with rich culture and history. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views of the charming beaches to small towns with distinctive buildings.

2. Lake Como

Lake Como is the next natural tourist attraction in Italy that should not be missed. The lake known as Lario is known as the third largest lake in Northern Italy with a depth of 410 meters.

Lake Como is located at the foot of the Alps so it offers incredible views. Because of this beauty, Lake Como has become a favorite destination for many world celebrities, for example, George Clooney, who built this villa on the shores of Lake Como.

3. Lake Lugano

Besides Lake Como, Lake Lugano is also one of the natural attractions in Italy that offers extraordinary views. This lake is located between Italy and Switzerland so that it has a view of the Alps and the coast.

Lake Lugano is a glacial lake whose shape extends to several places. You can also enjoy the beauty of this lake from any side and still be beautiful. You can ride a boat to circle this lake. Or you can also ride a bicycle with a path above the mountain to be able to enjoy this lake from a height. In addition, this lake is also the best destination for those of you who like fishing.

4. Lake Bolsena

The next nature tourism in Italy is also a lake whose beauty is not inferior to the previous two lakes. This lake is called Lake Bolsena and is one of the unique and beautiful lake tours.

This lake has small islands in it so that it makes the scenery even more amazing and the largest island in this lake is Bisentia. Here you can find a beautiful beach with black sand because this lake is in a volcanic crater. Here you can swim, fish or just relax to see wild birds.

5. Dolomites

The nature tourism in Italy that you must visit next is the Dolomites. The Dolomites are a mountainous region in Italy that offers spectacular views.

Here you will be treated to views of the towering Dolomites Mountain and the green hills that spoil the eye. This area is perfect for those of you who like nature tours because you can do a number of activities here, such as cycling, hiking or just having a picnic with your family. Not only can you see mountains and valleys, here you can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Garda whose views can anesthetize anyone.

6. Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is one of the stunning natural attractions in Italy and should not be missed. The cave, known as the Grotta Azzura, is located around the island of Capri and has stunning views.

This cave has a height of about 1 meter with a length of 60 meters and a width of 25 meters which can be explored by small boats. When you enter the cave, you will be greeted with blue water. The blue color of this water comes from the reflection of sunlight that penetrates the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, making it seem as if it glows. Visitors are indeed forbidden to swim here, even so just looking at the scenery in this cave is enough to make you stunned because of its extraordinary beauty.

7. Rabbit Beach Lampedusa

Not only there are mountains and lakes, Italy also offers natural attractions in the form of beautiful beaches that can enchant anyone. This beach is known as Rabbit Beach Lampedusa.

As the name implies, this beach is unique, which is a place for many rabbits to live freely around this beach. Besides being able to play with rabbits on this beach, you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches with stunning blue seas. Coupled with the beautiful white sand that stretches to make this beach feel even more pleasant to visit. Interestingly, this beach can only be visited by boat which makes this beach more attractive to tourists to visit.

8. Ninfa Park

The next nature tourism in Italy is the Ninfa Park. This park is dubbed the most romantic garden in the world because it offers beautiful and unique views.

Visiting this park you will be greeted with views of rare plants, beautiful waterfalls and charming ruins of buildings that make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

The garden was built by the noble Caetani family in the 19th century. This park was once part of an abandoned city and is now one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Italy. No wonder this park is used as a place to find inspiration by many artists and writers.

9. Castelluccio of Norcia

Castelluccio has also become one of the natural tourist attractions in Italy which has attracted quite a lot of world tourists' attention. Castelluccio offers a view of a very large flower field, no wonder if in the spring this place is often visited by tourists.

Castelluccio is a small village that is quite high because of its location in the Apennine Mountains. You can walk up the hill to be able to enjoy the beautiful fields of colorful flowers from a height. If you look closely, you can see various types of flowers blooming beautifully, which creates a scene like a fairy tale.

10. Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is the last natural tourist attraction in Italy that must be visited. This valley is bordered by Switzerland and France with amazingly beautiful scenery.

The Aosta Valley is known as the most beautiful valley because it is surrounded by charming snow mountains, such as Cervino, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc. The Aosta Valley is indeed known as the smallest region in Italy, although this region is known as the best wine producer and has beautiful ski resorts. Those of you who want to ski, of course, don't miss visiting the Aosta Valley in winter.

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