The Enchantment of Bair Island Tourism with a Row of Charming Islands


INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Heaven on earth now comes from outside Java. For those of you who like traveling as well as trying unique places, then try to visit Bair Island. Because in this place you will feel an extraordinary sensation of beauty. Here too the fragments of heaven are present.


Maluku, is an area that has this beautiful tourist spot. The area has many tourist spots, but Bair Island is one of the tourist attractions that is still virgin. This tourist spot has not been touched by many foreign tourists. But that does not mean its beauty is inferior to other tourist destinations. Bair Island should be used as a tourist spot in the class of other favorite destinations.

We can't say this island as an ordinary island. The reason is, the beauty of this area makes your eyes melt. In fact, many people say that this island is similar to Raja Ampat, aka the Raja Ampat of Maluku. This is okay, because the views that are presented are in the same class as Raja Ampat, which is the best destination in Indonesia.

The Enchantment of the Iconic Bair Island in Maluku


This island is really suitable as your tourist destination. Because this island is very unique. We can find this uniqueness from its geological form. This island is formed from two bays whose water is very clear. In addition, the sea is also very calm. The charm of this place is enhanced by the presence of mangrove vegetation and the uniqueness of the rock cliffs that make this place really similar to the mini version of Raja Ampat.

This tourist spot is very synonymous with the water park. It's really not worth it if you stop by here without playing in the water. The reason is, Bair Island presents a charm that can bring you to swim, dive, and also snorkel. On this island, you can also see many people spending time sunbathing.


But if you don't like getting wet, then this island provides another option. You can rent a boat to get around this island and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding charm.

This charm is enhanced by the water it contains. The reason is, the water here is very clear like a very beautiful mirror. The atmosphere here is really relaxed, especially when you explore around the towering high cliffs. You really have to try this experience, all the stress will go away. Moreover, this place is still quiet and not yet filled with tourists.

How To Get There


To enjoy the beauty of this island, you need a pretty hard struggle. But don't worry, all of that will pay off when you get to your destination. If you come from a place other than the island of Maluku, then you can take a plane and go down to Langgur which is the capital of North Maluku Regency.

But before you go to the airport, you can transit first in Ambon. For air travel estimation, it takes about 3 hours. To reach Bkalianra Langgur, you will travel about 1.5 hours. When you arrive at Bkalianra, you can rent travel and car tour services.

Fees to be Paid


To enjoy the beauty of Bair Island, you also need to spend a lot of money. This is but worth the experience you will get later. For the cost of airplane accommodation, for example, you need to pay between 1.7 million to 2.5 million rupiah. Meanwhile, to rent a car you can spend 300 thousand to 500 thousand per day. For those of you who want to ride a speed boat, you need to prepare 50-75 thousand rupiah. So if you want to enjoy the resort and stay with your partner, you can rent it at a very friendly price, starting from 400 to 700 thousand rupiah.

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