Most Beautiful Mountains in Japan

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - The land of Sakura never ends to make anyone fall in love, because the land of cherry blossoms has a strong culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful natural attractions, one of which is mountains. Well, do you know that Japan has 109 volcanoes, and almost 10% of the world's active volcanoes are in Sakura Country. But for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the top of the mountain, the Tokyo area has a lot of inactive mountains, and it is safe for tourists to visit. If you hear a mountain in Japan, surely most people mention Mount Fuji, because Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan, and even a destination for foreign tourists. Here are the Most Beautiful Mountains in Japan that you can visit while on vacation in Japan.

1. Mount Fuji (3,776 masl)

Mount Fuji is the most beautiful mountain in Japan, and is the most famous mountain in the world. Mount Fuji is also a symbol of Sakura Country. What you should know is that Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and actually this beautiful mountain is geologically formed on top of a volcano that is 10,000 years old. To enjoy the beautiful scenery on Mount Fuji, you can come on July 1 and August 28.

The climb starts at night, this is because visitors can enjoy the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji. Besides being able to see the sunrise, when climbing you will be spoiled with natural views that are still beautiful on the hiking trail to Mount Fuji. Now for those of you who don't like climbing, you can take the Cable Car in the Tenjo-Yama Park area, when you take the cable car you will be at an altitude of 1,000 meters, and when traveling using the cable car you will be spoiled with beautiful views of Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji is really a must for you guys to visit while in Japan. So tips for those of you who want to climb to Mount Fuji make sure you use the services of an experienced tour guide, so that your climb is easier, and more enjoyable. Climbing on Mount Fuji is indeed the most beautiful experience, and certainly an unforgettable experience while on vacation to Japan.

Access to Mount Fuji: Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 418-0112, Japan.

2. Mount Mihara (758 masl)

This mountain, which has a height of about 758 meters above sea level, is still active, guys, and Mount Mihara is located on the island of Izu Oshima. Mount Mihara has a very beautiful natural scenery, and deserves to be called a hidden paradise in Tokyo. Mount Mihara also has a legend that when you go hiking you can peek at the door of hell from Mount Mihara, this mountain is also believed to be a sacred mountain that has a burning fire given by God, another name for this sacred mountain is 'Gojinkasama'.

Because Mount Mihara has natural beauty that is still beautiful, so it is not uncommon for Mount Mihara to be a location for shooting, and Mount Mihara has a desert called Urasabaku guruu, you really must visit because the scenery from this desert is very beautiful. Interested in climbing the beautiful Mount Mihara? you can climb while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery on Mount Mihara, and after climbing you can visit Miharayama Hot Spring onsen to relieve fatigue while climbing to Mount Mihara.

Access to Mount Mihara: Mt Mihara, Nomashi, Oshoma, Tokyo 100-0104, Japan.

3. Mount Kumotori (2,017 masl)

If you are in the metropolitan area in Tokyo, then Mount Kumotori is the highest mountain with a peak that offers beautiful views. Mount Kumotori is indeed very famous in Tokyo City, not infrequently Mount Kumotori is a location to spend weekends. If you climb to Mount Kumotori you can visit the most beautiful temple on Mount Kumotori which is named Mitsumine Shrine.

If you visit Mount Fuji, you must use a different tour guide from Mount Kumotori, here there is a hiking trail that is specifically provided for those of you who want to climb, and it is guaranteed that you will not get lost if you follow the instructions on the hiking trail to Mount Kumotori. from this Kirio-ga-mine you can see the beauty of Mount Asama. Once in Koromo-ga-mine you can visit the Shiraiwa Hut area to rest, and enjoy a variety of Japanese cuisine sold in this area.

After passing through the two areas you will arrive at the top of Mount Kumotori, your tired 90-minute climb will be paid off with the view that is served from this peak. From the top of this peak you can see the beautiful view of the city of Tokyo from a height, and enjoy the view of the mountains from the top of Mount Kumotori. This is an unforgettable vacation in Japan!

Access to Mount Kumotori: Mt Kumotori, Otaki, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture 369-1901, Japan.

4. Mount Takaosan (599 masl)

Mount Takaosan or Mount Takao is indeed a mountain that is very famous for its beauty, even though Mount Takaosan is not too high, but the natural scenery that is served on Mount Takaosan is very beautiful. Now for you beginner climbers, you can make Mount Takaosan your choice, because the route to Mount Takaosan is not too heavy, and there are lots of places to rest after a tired hike.

When climbing Mount Takaosan, don't miss visiting the Yakuoin Buddhist Temple! and for those of you who want to enjoy the natural scenery on Mount Takaosan, you can sit back on the chairlift at the climbing location. While sitting relaxed you can enjoy the fresh air, open nature, green trees, and this calm atmosphere is sure to relax your mind. on Mount Takaosan there is also a cable car that provides the most beautiful view on Mount Takaosan.

Access to Mount Takaosan: Mt Takao, Takaomachi, Hachioji, Tokyo 193-0844, Japan.

5. Mount Mitake (929 masl)

The most beautiful mountain in Japan, which is in the last order, is undeniable, and is the most beautiful mountain in Japan. Mount Mitake is a Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park with beautiful gorges, shrines, waterfalls and forests. If you visit Mount Mitake you can stay in a unique Japanese style, and there are souvenir sellers, and make sure you visit the very popular Musashi-Mitake Shrine on Mount Mitake.

Mount Mitake also has one of the most popular locations, namely 'Rock Garde', where you can see the beauty of two waterfalls, dense forests, and wide valleys. the view of Rock Garden is indeed very perfect. So make sure you pay a visit to Rock Garden. How beautiful is not this Mount Mitake? so don't be surprised if on weekends this place is full of local climbers, and from all over the world. Besides having fun activities, the facilities at Mount Mitake are very complete, and definitely make your vacation in Japan an unforgettable vacation!

Access to Mount Mitake: Mt Mitake, Mitakesan, Oume, Tokyo 198-0175, Japan.

So, those are the 5 most beautiful mountains in Japan that you really must visit while in Japan. Interested in trying it?

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