Collection of Beach Destinations In Africa

Famous for being dry and lagging behind, Africa is actually a continent with an array of natural attractions to visit. The countries of this continent are building themselves up and trying to attract a lot of world attention to their tourism. No wonder Africa's tourist attractions are so beautiful and worth a visit.

One of the beautifully introduced natural attractions in Africa is the beach. There are many beautiful beaches in Africa, making them an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Here's a collection of beach destinations in Africa!

Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt's famous sights are not just the columns of the Giza pyramids and historic buildings. If you're on vacation in Egypt, be sure to spend plenty of time on the beach. Then you will find beautiful coastline columns with great views. The beautiful Egyptian coastline is in Sharm El Sheikh, making it a favorite destination for many world travelers.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh are well managed and there are many modern resorts with exclusive water facilities and activities. Apart from sunbathing to enjoy the hot African sun, you can also swim, go on a boat with water sports such as windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, paragliding, canoeing, and kitesurfing. 

If you are planning to travel or do water activities in Sharm El Sheikh, we recommend that you pay attention to the regulations. In addition, it is necessary to maintain security because Egypt has a history of shark attacks on tourists. Apart from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, there are still many beautiful beaches in north Africa

Tanzania, Zanzibar, Nungwi

Zanzibar is an island and part of the country of Tanzania although it has its own system of government. This year, Zanzibar became one of Forbes 33's cheapest travel destinations and one of the favorite cheap travel destinations in 2018. One of my favorite attractions is the beautiful beach called Nungwi. The reason why many world travelers travel to Africa is Nungwi Beach. This beach is often called Jumbo Square by eager visitors. In addition to enjoying unlimited sun for sunbathing, you can also take part in various water tour packages available. Just take a walking tour and don't limit your tour. Try sunset cruises, diving tours and parasailing.

The location of this beach is close to a fishing village, so walking around Nungwi Beach will not make you hungry. There are many restaurants and resorts that also serve seafood. If you enjoy the beauty of Nungwi Beach, don't forget to visit other beautiful beaches in Africa like this one.

Anse Soleil, Mahe Island, Seychelles

Seikires is the next destination for those looking for beautiful beaches in Africa. Seichils is not as much as other African countries, but this island nation has many beautiful beaches with pride. The country became independent from England in 1076 after several colonial eras. Anse Soleil is one of Shinjeres' favorite beaches and is located in the capital city called Mahe. This beach has a unique combination because it is located on a forest beach and rocks scattered in the ocean.

However, Anse Soleil has golden sands and turquoise waters. Transportation to Anse Soleil is not as easy as it is on a small island, but not so difficult. As a tourist attraction, Anse Soleil is a good natural destination for families. Facilities are not as beautiful as the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, but Anse Soleil's facilities are adequate with restaurants easy to find. Apart from Anse Soleil, some virgin beaches you can find

Camps Bay, South Africa

Flying further south, there are many beautiful beaches in Africa that you should visit, one of which is Camps Bay Beach in South Africa. The presence of this beach can be an alternative tourist destination in addition to the famous South African building columns. Because, as a beach, Camps Bay is definitely very unique because it is surrounded by incredibly fashionable cliff columns.

Camps Bay is always busy, especially during the peak season from December to February. Therefore, it is wise to determine the most ideal vacation time. Even so, the landscapes presented and all the activities will not regret it. In addition to Camps Bay, South Africa and other African countries.

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