10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa Covered with White Sand and Clear Seawater

The African continent is indeed famous for its safari tours where tourists who come more want to explore nature to enjoy wildlife in the grasslands or forests. But it turns out that Africa does not only have grasslands and deserts, the Black Continent is also awarded with a row of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa whose beauty can anesthetize tourists who come. If you are planning to enjoy a vacation in Africa, here are 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Africa that you must visit.

1. Anse Source D'Argent, Seychelles

The most beautiful beach in Africa, the first is Anse Source D'Argent in the Seychelles Islands. This beach has long been one of the most romantic destinations in the world that can make anyone fascinated.

This beach offers a beautiful stretch of white sand with rocks and clear turquoise waters. This beach also has a row of beautiful palm trees that make it a perfect place for sunbathing. Besides being able to sunbathe, on this beach you can also swim or snorkel to enjoy the underwater beauty.

2. Trou-aux-Biches, Mauritius

It is no secret that Mauritius has one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa that must be visited. Mauritius is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean and has a number of beautiful beaches, one of which is Trou-aux-Biches.

This beach has a mile of fine sand and is very beautiful. This beach also has calm waves so it is suitable for doing a variety of water sports for all ages. Not only that, in this beach area, various facilities have been provided, such as hotels and restaurants serving local cuisine.

3. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

The most beautiful beach in Africa that you must visit next is the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. This beach is quite unique but the scenery is no less beautiful.

This beach has a wide expanse of sand like a desert and is flanked by two rivers, namely the Swakop and Kunene rivers. Not only offers beautiful views, this beach also holds many historical relics, even here you can see shipwrecks.

4. Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Who says visiting Kenya can only go on a safari? Here too you can also find one of the most beautiful in Africa whose scenery does not disappoint, namely the Lamu Archipelago.

The Lamu Archipelago is a series of islands off the northern Kenyan coast of Mombasa. The islands here certainly have beautiful beaches and are certainly suitable for your holiday destination. This beach has a combination of soft white sand with clear blue waters, for that here you can do snorkeling or swimming in peace.

5. Mnemba Island, Tanzania

The most beautiful beach in Africa that you should not miss next is Mnemba Island in Tanzania. This island off the north coast of Tanzania is a private island that is part of the historic Zanzibar Archipelago.

This island has clear waters so it is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Not only that, on this island you can also see whales and swim with dolphins and meet whale sharks. Mnemba Island is one of the right destinations for those of you who want a honeymoon because on this island there is a luxury accommodation that offers an unforgettable experience.

6. Curralinho Beach, Cape Verde

Located off the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde is made up of 10 volcanic islands blessed with natural beaches that are still rarely visited. One of the beaches that you must visit in this archipelago is Curralinho Beach on Boa Vista Island.

This beach has warm clear waters with calm waves so it is very safe to do various water activities, such as diving and swimming. Not only that, this beach area has also been equipped with a variety of accommodation options that you can choose from.

7. Ile Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

Madagascar also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa whose beauty can make you feel at home for long there. This beach is known as Ile Sainte-Marie which is located not far from the east coast of Madagascar.

This beach offers year-round warmth and clear, blue waters. This white sandy beach is also overgrown with palm trees. This beach was once very popular among pirates in the 17th century, no wonder if on this island you can find a pirate cemetery. If you visit from July to September, you can see humpback whales in these waters.

8. Likoma Island, Malawi

The most beautiful beach in Africa which is a pity to miss next is Likoma Island. This island in Malawi does have a beauty that makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations. One of them is Lake Malawi which is the third largest lake in Africa.

This Lake Malawi has clear waters that will remind us of a beach, even though the water is fresh. Besides Lake Malawi, this island also holds a million other tourist destinations that will spoil you. The atmosphere of Likoma Island is indeed very peaceful and calm because there are only a few cars there. You can even rent accommodation with a very beautiful private beach and make you feel at home there.

9. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Egypt is not only about the pyramids, even here you can find one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa that is unique and interesting to miss. One of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt is the Red Sea coast at Sharm el-Sheikh.

This beach has warm waters with crystal clear sea water which is perfect for swimming or just for sunbathing. You can even dive to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs in these waters. Interestingly, on this beach you can feel the sensation of walking on the Red Sea and directly feel the beach waves.

10. Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

The most beautiful beach in Africa is the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique. The Quirimbas Islands are known for their beautiful scenery and are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mozambique.

This island in the Indian Ocean is the most perfect vacation spot. You can snorkel and dive to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish. You can even see dolphins and sharks swimming freely in these waters.

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