8 Best Beaches in England, Grass meets the Blue Ocean of Tuscany Filled with Small Island Dots


INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - England has a beautiful destination rich in culture, history and natural beauty.

The country whose territory includes small islands on the European continent offers beautiful spots that are a pity to miss.

The country led by Queen Elizabeth II has a row of beautiful beaches.

This time, INDONEWTRAVEL.COM summarizes the eight most beautiful beaches that can be visited in England from the Telegraph page.

1. Watergate Bay, Newquay, Cornwall


The beach has a two-mile-long, golden-sand coast with cliffs and caves at the edges.

2. Pentle Bay, Tresco, Isles of Scilly


When walking along Pentle Bay, you can enjoy views of white sand, grass combined with a turquoise ocean filled with small island dots.

3. Blackpool Sands, Devon


Blackpool Sands Beach is located three miles southwest of Dartmouth.

This beach spot which is often used as a destination for family tourism has a swimming arena.

The turquoise water tends to be clean and calm.

4. Eyepe Beach, Dorset


Eype Beach is located halfway between Lyme Regis to the west and Broadchurch to the east.

Eype Beach has fine pebbles on its coast and is often a hot summer barbeque spot.

5. Worbarrow Bay, Dorset


The beach on the Isle of Purbeck is a 20-minute walk away.

There are white coral cliffs and brown rocks that surround this bay.

6. West Wittering, Sussex


West Wittering has a wide expanse of sand and a serene atmosphere.

7. Rottingdean, East Sussex


Beaches in Rottingdean often become beaches for playing and looking for shells or other marine animals.

At low tide, the rocks on the beach are filled with crabs.

8. Sandsend, Yorkshire


With a backdrop of mossy cliffs, Sandsend Beach is often a favorite place to hunt for fossils at low tide.

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