5 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 2024, Hurry up Add Your Vacation Wish List!


INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - There are many beautiful cities in the world that you can visit as a vacation destination with your family. However, every year recommendations for beautiful cities in the world keep changing.

Just like in previous years, Indonewtravel asked thousands of people in the world to rank the most beautiful cities in the world. Some chose their hometown, some chose it because it was used as a filming location.

Even so, some residents choose it based on the environmental picture of the city. Not only that, they also answered it because it became a place that was often discussed.

The most beautiful city in the world in 2022

Some of the cities that are called the most beautiful cities in the world in 2022, consider the following.

1. Edinburgh


Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. The beauty and beauty of this city is so hard to beat that it has been named the most beautiful city in the world in 2022.

There are many beautiful places in Edinburgh that can be explored just on foot. You can eat food and drink while looking at the city of Edinburgh.

It is a city full of warmth that encourages self-expression throughout the community through its arts, culture and nightlife. Edinburgh is ready to welcome those of you who want to come for a visit.

2. Chicago


The city of Chicago is ranked as the second most beautiful city in the world by 2022. About 55 percent of Chicago residents describe their city as a tough city.

After two years of social distancing, Chicago residents are stronger and more united. The city was also voted as the funniest city in the world this year.

If you decide to take a vacation to Chicago, you can spend the day sunbathing along Lake Michigan or simply viewing iconic works of art. You can also take a leisurely stroll through the Chicago neighborhood.

3. Medellin


The city of Medellin is dubbed the city of Eternal Spring. Not without reason, Medellin offers more than just good weather all year round.

The entire city of Medellin is proud of their city. This Colombian city is full of energy, entrepreneurship and curiosity.

The city of Medellin has been named the best city in terms of food and drink. Not only that, the communities and organizations in Medellin are also running very well.

4. Glasgow


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow ranks fourth as the most beautiful country in the world in 2022.

All residents in Glasgow are very laid back and have a good sense of humour. Because of that, this city gets the title as the friendliest city.

Glasgow is famous for its vegetarian or vegan food. Recently, they also got the top rating for best seafood.

5. Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is also one of the largest cities in the Netherlands.

In many ways, Amsterdam has always been at the top, including its art and music. Not only that, most of the residents choose to walk or use bicycles.

Respondents called the city of Amsterdam the easiest place to express themselves in the world. It's no wonder that many people call Amsterdam a model metropolis of the 21st century.

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