10 Most Unique Floating Villages in the World

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - We can find a village anywhere. Some villages are built on mountains, hills, to the beach.

In fact, there are villages that are built above the surface of the water. The buildings there are made of light objects, so they will not sink.

The surrounding scenery makes the floating village even more attractive. Curious where is it? Here are 10 of the most unique floating villages in the world that can be added to your dream vacation list.

1. The village of Uros in Peru is inhabited by the Uru tribe. This floating village is built with dry straw that forms like a small island

2. Santa Cruz del Islote in Colombia is inhabited by about 1,200 inhabitants. This floating village is in the middle of the blue sea with amazing views

3. Koh Panyee in Thailand is a village as the home of Indonesian fishermen. There are markets, schools, mosques, and even football fields here

4. Waterbuurt is the largest floating housing estate in the Netherlands. There are 100 floating houses with modern designs. Location above Lake Eimer

5. The village of Fadouth in Senegal is built on an island made of seashells. Being above the sea with clear water

6. Kampong Ayapo in Papua has floating wooden houses overlooking Lake Sentani

7. Ha-Long Bay in Vietnam is included in the UNESCO world heritage site. The location is above Halong Bay which is surrounded by cliffs

8. Kampong Ayer in Brunei is called the Venice of the East. This floating village is the largest residential area on water in the world, you know

9. The village of Ganvie is above Lake Nokoue, which is the largest floating village in Africa. The facilities in this village are quite complete like on the mainland

10. Mexcaltitan is located amidst the mangroves and floating canals of Mexico. Inhabited by about 1,800 residents with various facilities

Those are the 10 most unique floating villages in the world. The places above can be your next vacation inspiration. Interested in living in a floating village?

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