8 Most Rare Plants in the World

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - The rarest plants in the world can be interpreted as part of a priceless natural resource and have a small population. Many types of plants that are starting to become rare due to ecosystems have turned into industrial areas, plantations, agriculture, and settlements.

A plant species is called rare if the species is difficult to find, either naturally because there are few in nature. Reported from various sources, here are the rarest plants in the world.

1. Nepenthes Tenax

Nepenthes Tenax is one of the rarest plants in the world whose appearance looks strange. This plant bears little resemblance to the pitcher plant, however, it grows to a height of 100 cm with pouch-shaped flowers at the top, and is 15 cm tall.

Nepenthes Tenax is a very rare Australian lowland plant native to northern Queensland. But unfortunately, this plant is now part of an endangered species in the world.

2. Pennantia Baylisiana

Pennantia Baylisiana is already very hard to find in the world. Uniquely, this plant is quite controversial because it has so many gender crises. Some scientists are trying to prove whether it is female or male genesis. Not only that, this plant has a slow aging process, meaning it takes almost 10 full years to become fully grown.

3. Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldii is known as the largest flower in the world and is a carrion plant. The name was given to this plant because of its stench which is similar to that of carrion. Different from flowers in general, this Rafflesia Arnoldii smells really bad. Well, this rarest plant in the world can also be found in dense rain forests in Indonesia such as Sumatra and Bengkulu.

4. Encephalartos Woodii

Encephalartos Woodii is a rare plant that is preserved and restricted to the botanical gardens in Zululand. This plant is found in South Africa and is considered extinct in the wild with all specimens.

5. Welwitschia

Welwitschia is one of the living fossil plants in the world. This rare plant can be found in Africa. These strange-looking plants have woody stems, thick, short and stocky. This plant has a very slow growth rate and is believed to live for 1,000 to 2,000 years on earth.

6. Amorphophallus Titanum

Amorphophallus Titanum has a strange shape and is only found in the botanical garden known as the Rose Hills of Huntington. This plant only blooms occasionally and looks like a red flower with a cream colored wick. It is one of the rarest but at the same time beautiful plants in the world.

7. Dragon’s Blood Tree

Dragon's Blood Tree resembles the shape of a mushroom when viewed from below. If you want to see this beautiful rare tree, you have to go to Yemen, rent a boat and visit the island of Socotra. Another uniqueness, the sap of this tree is red like blood, that's why its name is Dragon's Blood Tree.

8. Earth Orchid

This plant with the Latin name Rhizanthella Gardneri is unique in that it grows on the soil surface. Orchid plants usually attach to other media such as tree trunks and rocks. The Earth Orchid is only found on mainland western Australia.

This plant lacks chlorophyll because it cannot absorb as much sunlight as most other plants. In exchange, the Earth Orchid gets its nutrients from the surrounding bushes. It is estimated that there are only 50 Earth Orchids in Australia.

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