This is the style of 5 world leaders on vacation, simple as ordinary people

Being a leader of a country certainly has a very solid activity. Not only work visits here and there, but they also have to think about many things about the fate of their nation and country.

There are many problems to think about and find solutions. Can you imagine how busy and tiring their work is? Hence, it is a very human thing when the country's leaders also need a vacation.

As a leader of a country, it is certain that they receive different services and treatment, especially in terms of security. But, in many other aspects, their vacation activities are also not much different from what you do when traveling so far. Do not believe?

Here are five styles of world leaders on vacation, summarized by INDOWTRAVEL.COM from various sources, Tuesday (21/12). Compare with your holiday style. Similar, right?


1. | President Joko Widodo.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, is known as a simple leader. Her holiday style is also a testament to that simplicity. He and his family vacationed at the Ragunan Zoo during the last Lebaran holiday.

2. | President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spent his holiday with an adventure in the wild in Siberia, August 1-3 yesterday. He uses his time to fish, snorkel, and others.

3. | President Kim Jong-un.

This one figure is known as an iron-fisted leader. All must submit to him if they do not want to be punished. However, Jong-un is still a person who needs a vacation. One of Jong-un's favorite activities is horse riding.

4. | President Donald Trump.

The number one person in the superpower, the United States, is quite controversial because of his statements and policies. One of the things that also adds to the long list of controversies that he does is when he is considered to be on vacation too often. President Trump's favorite activity is playing golf.

5. | British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The British Prime Minister is taking advantage of the summer vacation with her husband, Philip by spending time in northern Italy.

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