15 Best Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Many people from all corners of the world would want to vacation in Egypt. This is because, Egypt has many historical, natural, and cultural heritages that must be explored. If you are interested in visiting this country during the holiday season, then here are the 15 best tourist attractions in Egypt that you can use as a reference.

1. | Abu Simbel Temple

The temple, which is located along the west bank of Lake Nasser, is known as one of the best tourist attractions in Egypt that must be visited when the holiday season arrives. In this temple, you can witness the splendor of statues of kings and queens sitting on their thrones and overlooking the vast mountains of Egypt. In the 60s, the Abu Simbel Temple was moved due to the rising waters of the lake and today it is visited by many tourists from all over the world.

2. | Alexandria

In the past, the city, which is located about 200 kilometers from Cairo, was once the site of the largest library in the world. Today, Alexandria has become one of the best tourist attractions in beautiful Egypt. In this city, a popular tourist attraction is the pillar square of Pompey which is often used as a hangout, and on every street corner, you can easily find cafes and restaurants offering mouth-watering Egyptian cuisine.

3. | Great Pyramid of Giza

Your holiday experience in Egypt would not be complete without visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza. In the area, there are three pyramids that house the tombs of ancient pharaohs, which are also crowned as one of the wonders of the world. This pyramid itself is located on the Giza Plateau and is known as the best tourist spot in Egypt so you must visit it.

4. | Oasis Bahariya

This beautiful oasis is a historical site containing about 250 “Golden Mummies” dating from different time periods throughout Egyptian history. In addition, in this Oasis there are also ruins and remnants of the Temple of Alexander that lived in the past. Apart from being discovered as a burial place for mummies, this oasis also acted as a major agricultural center for Egypt, which is famous for its wine production even today.

5. | Saladin Fortress

Formerly, the fort which is also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site was built to protect Cairo and Fustat during the Crusades. Saladin Fort itself is surrounded by several watchtowers as well as some amazing mosques. Some of these factors make this fort located in the center of Cairo a must-visit when you are on vacation in Egypt.

6. | Luxor

This ancient site located on the east bank of the Nile is known as one of the popular tourist attractions in Egypt. Luxor is also often referred to as the largest open-air museum in the world. In this area, there are ancient tombs of the pharaohs. Famous ancient kings such as Tutankhamun and Amenhotep are also buried here. This place is perfect for those of you who like to visit tourist attractions with a historical theme.

7. | Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The Egyptian museum, located in the city of Cairo, contains a lot of history that you must see, such as historical objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun which makes this place a museum that is most in demand by many people from all over the world, especially archaeologists.

8. | Aswan

The city, which is located 900 kilometers from Cairo, is the right destination if you have explored all the temples in Egypt. The city of Aswan has stunning views for you to enjoy, from desert dunes to the Nile. Apart from that, the Elephantine islands are the perfect getaway to spend your weekend.

9. | White Desert

This white desert or white desert is formed from limestone so that it makes the scenery very unique and also beautiful. In this friend, many large rocks and peaks have been formed by wind erosion over several millennia which makes it look very beautiful. This beauty and uniqueness makes the White Desert the best tourist spot in Egypt that you must visit.

10. | Ras Muhammad National Park

If you like the beauty of underwater scenery, then Ras Muhammd National Park is the right location to visit. This national park is known as one of the most popular dive sites in the world. This is because, in this region there are colorful coral reefs and mangroves in the Red Sea as well as the stunning inland desert of the Sinai. The crystal clear waters in this national park also allow divers and snorkeling enthusiasts to easily enjoy the stunning underwater beauty.

11. | Saqqara Necropolis

In general, the Saqqara Necropolis is a vast ancient burial area in Egypt. This area is also one of Egypt's most famous historical sites and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so many tourists always visit this location. In this area, the Step Pyramid of Saqqara is one of the best tourist attractions that you can visit.

12. | Zamalek

Zamalek is an area of ​​Cairo that offers many things to see and do. In this area, you can head to the best nightclubs in the country to experience the lively Zamalek nightlife. In addition, in this area there are also many of the best and cheapest shops and boutiques such as AgroDolce, Amuse so it is very suitable for those of you who like to shop.

13. | Ramesseum

The temple, which is located on the West Bank of Luxor, is very popular because it has a statue of Ramses II that sits 57 feet high. In addition, the temple, which was built for the god Ammon and the deceased king, has walls decorated with reliefs and includes scenes depicting the Min Festival, the Battle of Kadesh and the Syrian wars of the past.

14. | Tanis

This ancient Egyptian city offers a variety of interesting things. In this ancient city, you can visit the Tanis Egypt Ark of the Covenant, a gold-covered wooden chest that is very popular and always visited by many tourists. In addition, make sure you visit this area during the day to see its beauty in its entirety.

15. | Karnak Temple

The last best tourist spot in Egypt is the Temple of Karnark. This temple is known as the most amazing tourist spot in Egypt. In this temple complex, you can visit three other famous temples inside, namely the Temple of Khons, the Great Temple of Amun and the Temple of the Festival of Tuthmosis III. which is amazing.

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