7 Best Tourist Attractions in Japan During Winter

Snow seems to have its own magnet to be enjoyed and seen directly, especially for Indonesian citizens who do not have a snow season in this country. So you want to feel the cold sensation and also feel the sensation of being in the middle of the snow. Besides that, you can make your favorite statues with snow. You can also go skiing with friends. And if you fall, you will fall in a pile of snow.. It's really fun! And one of the countries that has four seasons is Japan. Sapporo, Hokkaido is the most visited place during winter in Japan. The city of Sapporo itself is popular with various festivals and tourist destinations for its winter season. No wonder the city is one of the target destinations to enjoy the snow.

To make your vacation even more memorable and unforgettable, Indonewtravel.com has summarized the best tours for tours in Japan during winter. One more thing you need to know, there are many amazing illuminations in Japan. Illumination is a decoration of twinkling lights arranged in such a way along the road and trees. These illumination decorations are also a special attraction to be enjoyed when winter arrives. Before that, let's take a look at the reviews below.

1. | Caretta Shidome Winter Illumination

One of the most popular winter illumination events in Tokyo is at Caretta Shiodome. Every year, Caretta Shiodome attracts visitors with its beautiful winter illumination event, and it is one of the top illumination spots in Tokyo during winter. In winter 2018–2019, Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination returns with even greater excitement, Caretta Illumination 2018 -Disney MovieNEX Princess Illumination-. This year, the event features two different illuminations from the popular Disney films, Frozen and Tangled.

Two lightings will be shown alternately each week. The lighting features a light show that showcases the world of Frozen and Tangled with around 250,000 LED lights and songs from each movie like “Let It Go”. Shows will be held every 15 minutes every day.

2. | Roppongi Winter Illumination

Every year, 400m Keyakizaka behind Roppongi Hills becomes one of the most popular couples getaway spots with brilliant blue LEDs dotting the trees and Tokyo Tower providing the perfect backdrop. The Live Veil theme promises a glittering look and you can visit the Christmas trees at the Roku-Roku plaza and West Walk as well. While the Keyakizaka illuminations will start on November 5th, West Walk, Roku-Roku Plaza and Mohri Garden will all start on November 11th with all of them finishing on December 25th.

3. | Festival Sapporo

The Sapporo Snow Festival or Sapporo Snow Festival is the largest and most famous festival in Japan with snow sculptures and several other events. In recent years, the festival is visited by more than 2 million spectators per year from Japan and the world. This festival takes place in early February for a week. The Sapporo Snow Festival was first organized by the Sapporo tourism office and the Sapporo city government, with the sponsorship of the local newspaper Hokkai Times in 1950. Since 2006, the festival has been held in 3 places, namely Odori Park, Susukino, and Sapporo Satoland.

4. | Gala Yuzawa

A sport that is very thick with a winter atmosphere is skiing. And GALA Yuzawa is renowned as the only ski and snowboard resort in Japan. Gala Yuzawa is unique in that it has its own shinkansen (bullet train) station, making it very quick and convenient to get there from Tokyo for a day trip or a short break. In this place you can enjoy the ski area on a scale of 1181 m to 358 m. You can take the lift or cable car to get to the desired ski area. At the Gala Yuzawa festival in winter, there is also a fireworks display event.

5. | Winter Festival in Shirakawago Village

Shirakawago is hosting an annual Winter Light-up event for a limited time. This event usually takes place from January to February during the winter season. Therefore, prepare well, so you can enjoy winter dishes in Shirakawago. And what is no less interesting is that the fluorescent lights from every house will produce interesting colorful decorations to enjoy.

6. | Takaragawa Onsenkaku

In winter, a highly recommended thing to do is soak in the onsen. Because it's really fun, of course. Another special thing is to enjoy soaking in the hot springs in an open space with a snowy view all around. You can try at Takaragawa Onsenkaku. Enjoying a warm bath amidst the cold snow around is an experience that is certainly impressive.

7. | Shiretoko, Hokaido

At Shiretoko you will enjoy the beachfront covered in ice and drifting snow. In addition, you can also enjoy this event by boarding a ship and taking a cruise with it. Each tour will sail for one hour. You can enjoy the charm of the sea covered in ice and snow, when else can it be like that?

Those are the recommendations for tour tours during winter in Japan. Hopefully useful, just imagining it seems very fun. Especially if you do it for real. Certainly more fun and hard to forget. Happy holiday!

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