15 Tourist Attractions for Families in Europe during Winter and Christmas

If Indonesia only has a rainy and dry season, a vacation to Europe will make you feel winter, you know. Winter in Europe usually starts in late November and ends in March. Here are 15 of the best destinations to explore Europe with the family for Christmas, the end of the year, or the new year.

1. | Disneyland, Paris, Prancis


Top of the list of the best tourist destinations in Europe to visit with the family is Disneyland Paris. This 56,656 hectare playground is located in a small town called Marne-la-Vallée. Here, you will see a replica of the magnificent palace from the movie “Sleeping Beauty” which is the main icon of this theme park. In winter, Disneyland Paris is even more beautiful and enchanting.

2. | Keukenhof Garden, Amsterdam


Keukenhof Garden is the world's largest flower garden located in Zuid Holland. Precisely in a small town in the western part of the Netherlands called the City of Lisse. This 32-hectare flower garden has 7 million beautiful flowers, including tulips, muscari, and daisies. If you come when the garden is open, you can watch a flower parade, music festival, and various other events throughout the eight weeks.

3. | Santa Claus's house in Rovaniemi


Another popular city in winter is Finland. This is the best place for a vacation with children, because here there is Santa Claus Village complete with Santa Claus workspace. In this place you and your family can send letters to your loved ones with specially stamped postcards.

4. | Island Under Snow Mountain, Norway


Located at the northern tip of the earth, Norway has a polar night that lasts more than 24 hours. If the Indonesian sunset only lasts a matter of minutes, on this polar night visitors can see the beautiful sunset for up to 5 hours, you know.

And when night falls, you can see the cool aurora or the colorful sky at Svolvaer. If you want to see beautiful and instagramable small villages, Lofoten Island is the place to be. You can visit the villages of Reine, Ramberg, Hamnoy, and Fredvang Bridge.

And when night falls, you can see the cool aurora or the colorful sky at Svolvaer. If you want to see beautiful and instagramable small villages, Lofoten Island is the place to be. You can visit the villages of Reine, Ramberg, Hamnoy, and Fredvang Bridge.

5. | Animal Destinations in Narvik and Tromso


The next prima donna for winter tourism is Tromso. You can see the stunning landscape of snow mountains here. If you want something more exciting, you can go to Polar Park Narvik which is the northernmost animal park in the world. Here, you can see typical polar wildlife such as deer, bears and foxes.

6. | Enjoying Winter in Murmansk, Russia


Russia is also included in the list of the best vacation spots in Europe during winter. There is a small town in northwestern Russia called Murmansk. If you want a cool sensation and an unforgettable experience, Murmansk has 40 days of night and 63 days of day. Very unique, right?

Not only that, here you can feel the sensation of riding a reindeer carriage like in the Santa film at Russia's Reindeer Farm. This train is actually pulled by real reindeer. There is also a Dog Sleigh or a carriage pulled by a Husky dog.

7. | Rhine Falls, Swiss


In a town called Schaffhausen located in northern Switzerland, there is a spectacular waterfall called Rhine Falls. The largest waterfall in Europe with a width of 150 m and a height of 23 m is indeed not for swimming, but you can approach the waterfall by boat in about 20-30 minutes.

8. | Historical Tour in Rome, Italy


Rome, the most beautiful city in Italy is indeed known as a city that holds ancient history and modern cuisine. Rome is filled with architectural art and historical statues that attract foreign tourists.

In the Colosseum and the Vatican, you can see the work of the world's greatest maestro, Michelangelo. In addition to Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo is an artist who is famous throughout the world as a poet, sculptor, painter, and architect of the Renaissance.

9. | Christmas Markets in Germany


The beauty of winter in Germany is only short, namely November-January. Even though it is short, its charm is undeniable. There are many Christmas festivals here. One of them is the Christmas Market which sells thousands of beautiful Christmas souvenirs and decorations.

Here, you can also get cool fairytale-style photo spots. Germany covered in snow will make a beautiful backdrop for your and your family's holiday photos.

10. | Country of Windmills, Netherlands


The Netherlands or Nederland is a country in Western Europe which is famous for its giant windmills. Precisely at Zaanse Schans. Another epic place that is also a must visit is a typical Dutch wooden house. Also get a unique family photo in typical Dutch clothes at Volendam.

If you want a more exciting vacation, you can try ice skating at Schaatsbaan Delft or Vrijthof Maastricht. During the peak of winter, the Netherlands will transform into a futuristic Winter Market and Light Festival with lights installed on buildings, trees and power poles.

11. | Old Town in Graz, Austria


Exploring the UNESCO world heritage site in Altstadt Von Graz on foot is one of the exciting activities while on vacation in Austria. Graz has a city view full of unique medieval architectural masterpieces and is the best old town in Europe.

Meanwhile, to enjoy authentic Austrian cuisine, you can visit the historic local market Kaizer Joseph Platz. And close the day with a tour of the Joanneum Quarter Museum which is Austria's oldest museum.

12. | Swiss Mountain Region


Natural attractions with the best views in Europe are the Malbun and Steg mountains in Liechtenstein, Switzerland. This 1600 m high mountain offers stunning views of the Rhine Valley and Vaduz City. These two popular tourist spots are always crowded with ski lovers during the winter.

Not only beautiful, this place also offers four cross-country ski routes and a ski school with expert and experienced ski guides. Meanwhile, during the summer, this area will turn into a fun and cool hiking route.

13. | Budapest, Hongaria


Budapest is quite famous and the most beautiful city in Europe. Enjoy the afternoon on the Danube Promenade which has a romantic atmosphere. Or visit the Parliament Buildings across the Danube for a stunning view of the city.

There are also famous monuments such as Gellert Hill, Buda Palace and Fisherman's Bastion. If you want a relaxing holiday, you can enjoy the warm waters at the Gellert Baths, or visit the historic State Opera House to watch a show.

14. | Plaza Mayor Madrid, Spain


Not only football, this country also has tourist destinations that are no less cool than other countries. One of them is Plaza Mayor. Located in the heart of Madrid, Plaza Mayor has a statue of King Philips III as its main icon. If you want to watch a bullfighting show live, you can come to Plaza del Toros Del Las Ventas which is not far from Plaza Mayor.

15. | London Eyes, Inggris


A vacation to Europe without visiting the UK is not complete. London which is the capital of England has beauty in every corner. One of the iconic is the London Eyes. Situated on the banks of the River Thames and facing the Big Ben Giant Clock, the London Eyes has a giant spinning wheel.

You can see the beauty of London at night in one of the 32 luxury and comfortable capsules at London Eyes for 30 minutes. Visiting here on New Year's Day is the perfect time, because this is where the annual fireworks display takes place.

If you and your family enjoy traveling and exploring new cities, Europe could be the ideal destination. This 10.18 million km² continent does have a unique history of civilization and economy. Every corner of Europe is beautiful, spectacular, and there are many beautiful historical buildings.

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