5 Paragliding Spots in Various Countries, Breathtaking Views!

Paragliding is no longer a foreign activity in Indonesia. Now there are many paragliding spots that offer incredible views. Call it Tumbis Hill in Bali, Paragliding Hill in Yogyakarta to Matantimali in Palu City, which are the most famous spots in Indonesia.

Apart from Indonesia, there are several places in various countries in the world that also offer paragliding spots that are no less stunning. For those of you who like this extreme activity, take a peek at some interesting paragliding spots below!

1. | Castellucio (Italia)

Being a popular tourist destination, Italy not only presents a beautiful beach atmosphere but also paragliding activities that can be done in a village called Castellucio. It has the highest point of about 4763 feet, making this place the best paragliding spot in Italy.

The best time to paraglide in this village is May and June or from summer to spring. Because in this month, the mountains, valleys and hills around the village are covered in colorful flower fields.

2. | Bir Billing (India)

Bir Billing is the name of two villages united because they are often referred to as twin villages located in Himachal Pradesh. Located in the Kangra valley, BirBilling is the best paragliding location in India with beautiful mountain views.

The starting point of paragliding starts from Billing village and ends at Bir village. Since the weather here changes frequently, the best time to visit Bir Billing is between October and June. It's best to avoid December to January b

3. | Iquique (Chili)

Usually the scenery that is served when paragliding is mountains and valleys, in contrast to Iquique. This location presents views of the desert combined with the blue of the sea. When flying, you will see the coast that is close to the Atacama Desert and displays contrasting colors.

This place is suitable for those of you who want to spoil the eyes with unusual views. You can also visit Iquique throughout the year because this place has low rainfall so it is known as the driest place in the world, you know.

4. | Jungfrau (Switzerland)

As a country known for its mountainous areas, especially the Alps, Switzerland offers many activities, especially paragliding that can be enjoyed in some areas. However, the best place for paragliding activities is Jungfrau mountain which is a UNESCO protected area.

Here, visitors will begin to fly at the peak with an altitude of 7109 feet and be treated to beautiful mountain views. Supported by good weather, paragliding activities are open to the public throughout the year. 

5. | Oludeniz (Turki)

Another unique sight is also offered in Turkey, precisely in the southern part which is famous for its beautiful beaches. Oludeniz is a lagoon that can be seen from the air when you fly from Mount Babadag at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

Not only the lagoon and sea views, visitors can also enjoy the rows of islands with beautiful hills that can be seen in the air. Paragliding time can last for 45 minutes and you can land on the beach while enjoying water activities.

Paragliding is indeed an interesting activity that can stimulate adrenaline while being able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery like the places above. But, don't forget to put safety first! Of the five places above, which one is the one that moves your heart the most?

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