Pacitan is famous for its caves and beaches. Located at East Java, the geographical contours on the south side of Pacitan consist of hills formed by geological process million years ago.

Gunung Sewu, the highlands that stretch from Wonosari in Yogyakarta to Tulungagung in East Java have all the beautiful beaches behind it. If you’re in Pacitan, these 15 Wonderful Things to Do in Pacitan Indonesia should be put on the list.

It will take a hilly path through thick woods to get to the beaches. However, once you arrive there, all the pains are worth it. You will see the wide powdery white sand in front of you. Let’s see the 4 magnificent beaches in Pacitan, East Java.

Klayar Beach

Klayar Beach
The most famous beach in Pacitan among the other 3 beaches is Klayar Beach. Klayar Beach is located in Kalak village, Donorojo district, Pacitan regency. It will take around 35 km towards west Pacitan city with around 60-minutes journey from the city.

Once you enter the area of the beach, you will be welcomed by rows of coconut trees and the carpet of white sand as well. One unique thing about this beach is it has a unique formation of rocks on the east side of the beach.

The formation is caused by the abrasion of the sea water and wind for a long time, creating formation of towers. You will also be able to hear a sound like a bamboo flute once the waves dash against the rock spourting from the hole. If you’re still in East Java region, consider yourself to Get Peace at These 3 Best Beaches in Tuban, East Java.

Klayar Beach is a famous destination in Pacitan, and it is always full with tourists, both locals and foreigners especially during holidays. The facilities in Klayar Beach are also complete, so you don’t have to be worried.

Buyutan Beach

Buyutan Beach is located in Widoro village, Donorojo district, Pacitan, East Java. The landmark of this beach is the large rock off the coast.

This beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches which is hidden in the south Sea of Java Island. Buyutan Beach is still very natural and clean because there are still not many tourists visiting this beach.

From the top of the hill, you will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Indian Ocean. If you go through this place, you will find a small and steep footpath and it can be slippery. So, you need to be careful.

The beach is very wide and quiet with rocky sand. If you are looking for solitude, then this beach will be a very perfect spot. However, it is not easy to swim here because of the coral and the waves.

Besides, there are no facilities, such as cafes, toilets and mosque yet as there is no one manages this beach. So, if you plan to visit this beach during holiday, you need to prepare your own meal and drinking water from home.

Banyu Tibo Beach

Banyu Tibo, beach with falling water
“Banyu Tibo” is in Javanese language and means “falling water”. That’s why Banyu Tibo Beach has a small waterfall falling down from the river at the top of the cliff. If you’re looking for a waterfall, you can visit Rejuvenating Yourselves by Visiting These 5 Waterfalls in Trenggalek too!

This beach is located not too far from Buyutan Beach in Widoro village. You will notice that this beach is surrounded by small cliffs, which leave just a small sandy area. If you’re lucky, you will also find some locals fishing from the cliffs.

The road to get to the beach is very small as it only fits one car. However, don’t worry. You can park your car at the villager’s house close to the main road, then you can take a walk to the beach. While you’re walking to the beach, you will also enjoy the breathtaking view too. So, it’s worth it!

Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung Beach, heaven for surfers!
Watu Karung Beach is known to be the best spot for surfing in Pacitan, East Java. It is located in areas Pringkutung. This beach offers world-class waves for surfers as the waves are able to reach 4 meters high. Even the world-class surfers champion, Bruce Irons, are keen to try surfing here.

That’s why his picture in Karang Watu became one of the main cover of the leading international magazine Waves. And as a result, more and more surfers are interested to come to this beach. Consider visiting these 13 Best Surfing Spots In Indonesia You Must Try

Besides being the heaven for surfers because of the waves, Watu Karang Beach is also famous for having extraordinary beauty and cleanliness.

The beach will give you the view of blue sea water with white sand beach. You will also find rows of corals. This beach is really worth visiting! Looking for beaches with white sand? Look at these 4 Wonderful White Sand Beaches in Indonesia You Should Visit. They are incredibly beautiful!

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