Wonosobo is one of the well-known regencies located in Central Java. It is famous for having many interesting tourist attractions and delicious local food. The beauty of the nature never disappoints the visitors.

You can simply find mountains, waterfalls and even some cafe where you can hangout or spend time both with your friends or family. One of the famous tourist attractions in Wonosobo is Dieng. Get to know more about Dieng tourist attractions in 7 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Dieng.

If you are a beach lover, then Wonosobo will be a perfect destination for you as you can find lots of amazing beaches near Wonosobo.

The beaches will serve you the cool and relaxing atmosphere along with the incredible view. You can plan to go sunbathing in these 5 popular beaches in Wonosobo.

Menganti Beach

This beach is not exactly located in Wonosobo. Menganti Beach is located in Karangduwur District, Kebumen and it needs around 3 hours to reach this place from Wonosobo.

However, don’t worry as all your long journey will be paid off by the beauty of the beach. If you wish to visit Wonosobo, spend time reading 14 Best Things to Do in Wonosobo, Central Java Indonesia before you go there.

The beach will serve you the beautiful panorama and there’s a bonus, which is a waterfall and cave for you who visit this place. Menganti Beach is famous as it has ever been used as a venue for the national surfing competition. Many people said that this beach is the Indonesian “Hawaii” as it is surrounded by Karst hills.

Suwuk Beach

The next beach to go sunbathing near Wonosobo is Suwuk Beach. Suwuk Beach is located in Suwuk Village, Tambakmulyo, Puring District, Kebumen, Central Java.

This beach is quite far from Wonosobo, 101 km and it takes around 2,5 hours to reach this beach. Suwuk Beach is well-known for having dark-colored sand with a view of the vast desert coast and pandanus plants and grasses.

This beach has some facility, such as swimming pool, mini zoo and some playing arenas. Swimming at the beach is not allowed, so if you wish to swim, you can swim at the swimming pool near the beach instead. Near the pool, you will find an attraction, which is the original Boeing 737-200 aircraft which was made in 1986.

The plane formerly belonged to the Air Force and was brought in piece from Juanda Airport in Surabaya. Then, it arrived at the Petahanan Beach in 2014. The pieces of the aircraft then reassembled on the site.

Ambal Beach

The next beach to visit near Wonosobo is Ambal Beach. You will need around 2 hours to reach this beach from Wonosobo. This beach is famous for being clean from trashes and that point attracts the visitors the most.

You can just stroll around the beach and enjoy the view of the beach activities. The soft sand and the huge waves will make your exploration greater.

While you’re walking around the beach, you can also enjoy playing with water or even soaking your body inside the water. However, be careful with the huge waves. Make sure you stay near the beach and not stay too far from the beach.

Petanahan Beach

Petanahan Beach is located at the west side of Wonosobo Regency, exactly in Kebumen. Patanahan beach is located about 99 km from Wonosobo and it takes around 2,5 hours to reach this beach.

This beach has been really famous for both the local and international tourists. Don’t worry about the facilities. This beach has praying rooms, bathrooms, toilets, souvenir stalls and some food stalls and restaurants.

You can buy souvenirs and taste the delicious local food there. Let’s Try These Tasty 4 Local Foods in Medan will also give you the idea to taste the local food. Local food is the best!

While you’re at the beach, you can play with the water at the edge of the beach. Some people also like to play sports there, such as playing beach volleyball and football. Do you know that this beach is connected to a forest? You can take a picture at the beach with the forest as the background.

Pecaron Beach

Pecaron Beach is another beach located near Wonosobo, exactly in Srati, Kebumen. This beach is not really crowded, so it will be a perfect place for you to have a relaxation here.

Pecaron Beach has dark-colored sand that is clean enough as there aren’t a lot of tourists coming here. The beach is still clean and not polluted yet.

Regarding to the facility, the facilities in this beach are quite complete. There is a parking lot, toilet, bathroom, guest houses, and praying room.

Besides Wonosobo, there are are some other areas that their own amazing beaches, such as mentioned in 6 Popular Beaches in Pekalongan to Visit and Let’s Enjoy Sunbathing in these 7 Famous Beaches in Madura Island. If you’re a beach lover, make sure to put them on your list!

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