Trip of Wonders: Raja Ampat the Heavenly Paradise

When you hear the word Raja Ampat Island, what comes to mind is heaven on earth. Its natural beauty cannot be described in words. Whether it's land or the underwater world, Raja Ampat seems to invite us to stay there forever. As a tourist destination, Raja Ampat Papua offers so many places to enjoy its natural wonders and splendor. Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed. However, from the various places that Raja Ampat has to offer, these 5 heavenly destinations must be included in your visit list. Here are these destinations.

Misool Island - Paradise for Underwater Lovers 

As part of the world's coral triangle, the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat is undeniable. One of the best spots to witness its beauty is Misool Island. The rich marine life and beautiful coral formations on this island will warmly welcome divers or those who are just snorkeling. The clarity of the water is also amazing. Visibility can reach up to 25 meters. Misool Island is one of the large islands in Raja Ampat and one of the popular destinations among tourists. On this island there are also ancient human handprints on rocks that are estimated to be 50 thousand years old.

Pasir Timbul - Seasonal White Sand Island 

When the sea water is receding, there is an island rising to the sea surface of Raja Ampat. This magical island is known as Pasir Timbul which is located in the Mansuar Island area. As the name implies, this island is a land of white sand that rises to the surface of the water. Although it sounds simple, the beauty of this area will amaze you. You will feel like you are walking among the expanses of blue sea with very beautiful color gradations, as if the sea is splitting just for you. However, you can only visit Pasir Timbul in just a few hours, because when the sea water starts to rise, this place will sink again in the Raja Ampat ocean.

Wayag Island - An Icon

Both on land and under the sea, Wayag Island will provide endless beauty of Raja Ampat. Starting from beautiful panoramas, clean and clear beaches, to amazing underwater life. No wonder if Wayag Island is considered an icon of Raja Ampat. This island is also home to the iconic panorama of the Raja Ampat sea which is dotted with small karst islands and is one of the 10 best diving spots in Indonesia. This island will make you understand why Raja Ampat is nicknamed as a paradise on earth

Salawati Island - A Peek at Raja Ampat Culture 

Salawati Island is the largest island in Raja Ampat. Here, you will feel the thick customs of Raja Ampat from the first time you set foot on this island. You will be greeted by a Wor Dance performance as a welcome greeting when you arrive on the island. In addition, the friendliness of the people here will make you feel at home in Raja Ampat. So don't miss the opportunity to get around and mingle with the local people.

Selpele Village - Dusk Fishing

Feel the sensation of fishing while waiting for dusk in Selpele Village. The residents of this village really like fishing, and you can also try fishing. You can rent fishing equipment in this village. You also don't have to worry about fishing reliability. The number of fish in this village is very abundant, so fishing without bait is still possible to get fish. Amazing isn't it? Coupled with you are accompanied by a beautiful sunset panorama of Raja Ampat. It will definitely make your fishing experience even more memorable and unforgettable. The villagers here are also very friendly. You will feel comfortable visiting here.

The beauty of Raja Ampat is very diverse and can be found on all sides. Every destination has surprises and new things to admire.

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