Exploring 21 Labuan Bajo Tourist Destinations: Paradise of the East

Tourist Attractions in Labuan Bajo - Labuan Bajo is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia whose beauty of various tourist objects has been famous to foreign countries. No wonder because Labuan Bajo's tourist attraction is rich in very beautiful and exotic landscapes.

Interested in exploring the beauty of various tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo? Here are recommendations for tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that Toppers must visit when on vacation to Labuan Bajo!

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Labuan Bajo

1. Gili Laba 

Located in the Komodo National Park area, this small island known as Gili Laba is one of Labuan Bajo's tourist attractions which is famous for its beauty. owned by Gili Laba such as the exoticism of the hills framed by the blue expanse of the sea, making this Labuan Wajo tourist destination one of the photo hunting spots because of its stunning panorama.

During the dry season, Toppers can see Gili Laba brownish like the savanna in Africa. However, when the rainy season arrives, this tourist spot in Labuan Bajo will look beautiful, green and refreshing.

2. Rinca Island 

Not only Gili Laba, Labuan Bajo still has many beautiful and interesting islands that are suitable as tourist destinations when visiting Labuan bajo. One of them is Rinca Island.

Not only can you see the endemic Komodo dragon, at this Labuan Bajo tourist attraction, Toppers can actively participate in mangrove planting activities to participate in preserving the environment, you know.

3. Komodo Island 

Speaking of seeing Komodo dragons, of course Komodo Island is the most appropriate tourist destination for Labuan Bajo to visit! In fact, UNESCO has recognized the Komodo island as a world heritage site and one of the seven wonders of the world.

No only the exoticism of the Komodo dragon, this Labuan Bajo tourist destination also has natural beauty that will spoil everyone who visits it, from beautiful beaches to amazing diving spots.

4. Kanawa Island

Not only Komodo island, traveling to Labuan Bajo, Kanawa island can be an island tourist destination in the Labuan Bajo area for Toppers hunting for beautiful scenery.

Not only the nature is still beautiful, the main attraction of this tourist spot in Labuan Bajo is the stretch of beach that is still very natural and the panorama of the underwater world is amazing.

Toppers can even see the beauty of coral reefs and marine life from the clear water surface in this one Labuan Bajo tourist attraction. It's not wrong if this Labuan Bajo tourist destination is one of the popular snorkeling spots.

5. Padar Island

The next island tourist destination in Labuan Bajo is Padar Island. At this tourist destination of Labuan Bajo, Toppers will be presented with the beauty of an exotic group of islands and beautiful hills that are only filled with green grass without thick forests and tall trees.

This unique panorama makes Padar Island a favorite tourist destination for tourists while on vacation to Labuan Bajo.

6. Wae Rebo Traditional Village 

Not only natural beauty, in Labuan Bajo Toppers can also find cultural wealth. One of them can be found in Wae Rebo.

Visit Wae Rebo, the main attraction of Labuan Bajo tourism one this is the existence of traditional houses that have very unique and interesting traditional architecture. In addition, this tourist attraction in Labuan Bajo also offers the uniqueness of the traditional life of the Manggarai tribe who inhabit this village.

7. Sawah Lingko 

The next village that Toppers can visit while in Labuan Bajo is Cangar Village in Manggarai Regency. Unlike Wae Rebo, the tourist attraction of this village is the existence of rice fields which have a unique spatial layout and composition, namely circular. like a series of spider webs.

Stop by to see the Lingko rice fields, Toppers can feel the natural beauty of the countryside which will certainly refresh your tired mind.

8. Kelor Island 

The choice of tourist destination in Labuan Bajo that is suitable for Toppers who are looking for The next calm is Kelor Island. This Labuan Bajo tourist attraction is in the form of a small island with very natural nature.

Fine white sand, shady trees, plus calm waves make Kelor Island a tourist destination to relax the mind in Labuan Bajo.

9. Kelimutu Lake 

This tourism icon from the Labuan Bajo area is already very famous for its beauty. Climbing the peak of Mount Kelimutu, Toppers can find three large lakes whose colors can change at certain times.

Not only With its uniqueness and natural beauty, this Labuan Bajo tourist destination also holds many legends, myths, and histories related to local beliefs

10. Ranko Cave 

Unleash your adventurous spirit by visiting this one tourist destination of Labuan Bajo. Located in the recesses of the earth, Goa Ranko offers a very exotic natural beauty and is like a hidden paradise.

Watered by clear bluish salt water, Toppers can explore the beauty of the cluster of stalactites by swimming in a tourist attraction also known as Goa Buaya.

11. Cunca Lawang 

The next alternative tourist destination in Labuan Bajo with exotic views is Cunca Lawang, where Toppers can walk along the beautiful valleys and steep rock cliffs that are very stunning.

Not only that, in this tourist area you are also you can see a waterfall that makes the atmosphere more refreshing from this Labuan Bajo tourist attraction.

12. Bena Traditional Village, Bajawa 

If Toppers still want to explore the beauty of the customs and culture of Labuan Bajo, besides Wae Rebo you can also visit Bena Village.

This Labuan Bajo tourist attraction itself is a megalithic village located on a hilltop with a stunning backdrop of Mount Inerie. Just like Wae Rebo, in the traditional tourist area of ​​Labuan Bajo, Toppers can find village architecture that is still very traditional and amazing.

13. Manta Point 

It's no secret that Labuan Bajo is a paradise for diving lovers. One of the famous dive points in Labuan Bajo that Toppers must try is Manta Point.

As the name implies, the main attraction of this tourist spot Labuan Bajo is an experience swimming with giant Manta or Ray fish that will certainly give you a different diving sensation. For that reason, visiting Manta Point is obligatory to bring an underwater camera to capture the experience of swimming with Manta fish.

14. Batu Cermin Cave 

Talking about the exotic nature that exists in Labuan Bajo is endless. Batu Cermin Cave is one of them.

The best time for an adventure in this Labuan Bajo tourist attraction is the afternoon before the afternoon where the sun shines sunsets that enter the cracks of rocks and bounce into the water will give a very beautiful reflection.

15. Pink Beach

As the name implies, this beach attraction in Labuan Bajo is famous for its soft pink sand. However, the beauty of this Labuan Bajo tourist destination does not stop there.

Pink Beach also has a stunning underwater natural beauty behind the very clear sea surface. So, Toppers can choose to relax on the beach or snorkel and observe the beautiful marine life around Pink Beach.

16. Bidadari Island

Another best snorkeling point in Labuan Bajo is in the surrounding waters of Bidadari Island. Not only snorkeling, this Bidadari Island tourist attraction also has natural beauty that is still very natural so Toppers can also adventure along its beautiful The nature of this tourist attraction in Labuan Bajo

17. Seraya Island 

Another beautiful island tourist destination that can be an alternative for Toppers who are on vacation to Labuan Bajo is Seraya Island. No less than other islands in Labuan Bajo, Seraya Island also offers beautiful beaches and underwater panoramas that are no less interesting.

18. Kalong Island

If you visit Komodo Island, Toppers can see Komodo dragons, then on Kalong Toppers Island you can see Flores bats or bats that make this island their home.

Visiting this one tourist destination of Labuan Bajo, there are it's best in the afternoon when the bats that inhabit this island come out and you can see a unique view where the evening sky will be filled with bats flying freely

19. Kampung Melo 

Another tourist destination in Labuan Bajo that offers a unique culture of the community is Melo Village. Visiting this Labuan Bajo tourist attraction, Toppers will be greeted with cultural performances in the form of traditional dances.

20. Pede Beach 

Flanked by Pramuka Hill and Gorontalo Hill, Pede Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that is quite recommended. This beach attraction in Labuan Bajo is famous as one of the places to watch the best sunset panoramas in Nusa Southeastern

21. Lake Sano Nggoang

The next tourist attraction in Labuan Bajo is Lake Sano Nggoang which is the largest volcanic lake in eastern Indonesia. To get the best view of Sano Nggoang Lake, the topper can visit Golo Dewa Peak.

This natural tourist area is also a habitat for dozens of bird species, some of which are endemic to Flores.

With a variety of stunning tourist objects, it's no wonder that Labuan Bajo is a favorite tourist destination to foreign countries, right? Which Laboan Bajo tourist attraction is your favorite choice?

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