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Kuta Mandalika, Lombok, comprises of 1,250 hectares of untouched beauty that is beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Situated in the south of Lombok, Mandalika is set to emerge as an outstanding resort boasting exquisite beaches, high-end hotels, marvelous theme parks, hippest bars and clubs, and the world-class Mandalika Street Circuit. Luring travelers of all kinds, Mandalika, Lombok, has gained popularity as an amazing destination. Curious to find out more? Here are 7 reasons why you should spend your next vacation in Mandalika, Indonesia:

1| Ideal Location

Can you conjure up a more enchanting setting for a retreat than the breathtaking palm-fringed coast of Lombok? Facing the dazzling Indian Ocean, Mandalika is ideally situated along the south coast of the stunning Lombok Island.

Ensuring easy access to the surrounding impressive beaches, accommodations, and markets, Mandalika Resort, Kuta, Lombok, is easy to get around, which makes it a tourist’s delight.

2| Fascinating Beaches

Love spending time at the beach? Go beach-hopping between the quintessential Kuta Mandalika beaches in Lombok and resonate with the mystical aura of the white sand and aquamarine water.

Indulge in watersports at Kuta Beach, soak in the serenity of Serenting Beach, join the Bau Nyale festivities at Seger Beach, surf at Gerupuk Beach or enjoy a mesmerizing sunset view from the hills of Tanjung Aan Beach.

3| Surf-Perfect Waves

Surf up! Mandalika, Lombok offers plenty of waves for everyone. Head off to the world-class surf spots at Seger Beach, Gerupuk Beach, Ubrug Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, Selong Beach, Kuta Mandalika Beach, and Mawi Beach.

Pop up on your surfboards and have an exhilarating time discovering some perfect waves.

4| Interesting Tourism Villages

Immerse yourself in a magnificent experience as you visit the unique tourism villages near Mandalika. Catch a glimpse of the rich Sasak culture in the traditional Sade and Ende villages.

Witness the typical Sasak houses made of woven bamboo, watch the locals weave Songket, a traditional fabric, and enjoy some local dance and music.

5| Superb Accommodation Options

You’ll be truly spoilt for choice with the wide range of accommodation options in Mandalika. Choose a hotel or resort that meets your expectations, and suits your taste and budget. Mandalika Homestay, Kuta, Lombok, is a good option to consider if you’re looking for beachfront accommodation. Located 1.3 km from Kuta Beach, it offers free bikes, free Wi-Fi, a bar, a terrace, and a garden.

6| Lively Hangouts

Teeming with cozy cafes, restaurants with a view, happening clubs, and vibrant bars, Mandalika offers a memorable experience.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere and Mediterranean food as you browse the shops and eateries on the bustling main street of Kuta.

7| World-Class Racing Circuit

The Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, is an international racing street circuit that’s being constructed to host the world-class motorcycle racing event, MotoGP 2021, in Mandalika. With a capacity to accommodate 150,000 spectators, the venue stands out for boasting an alluring backdrop of beautiful beaches and mountains. An entertainment and sports district integrated into the middle of the circuit would be another charming attraction for the tourists coming to MotoGP, Mandalika.

Pop over to other amazing destinations in Lombok including Gili Islands, Pink Beach, Mount Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak, Bukit Pergasingan, and Senggigi for an endless array of activities. 

So beach bum, surf up and recharge as you go around the picture-perfect Mandalika making your dream vacation a reality. 

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