Looking for New Thrills in Indonesia? Explore These 7 Must-Visit Destinations

Indonesia is always a home to those who seek infinite wonders from a city above the clouds to the underwater kingdom and its colorful life. Now, there are many new things Indonesia has to offer that will leave you in awe. Curious to explore them all? These are 7 recommendations of must-visit destinations in Indonesia for this new decade!

1| Let’s go relaxing at one of the world’s largest lake, Lake Toba

Who needs a beach when you can get some much-needed relaxation by one of the largest lakes in the world? Widely known as being twice the size of Singapore, the majestic lake covers more than 1,200km². Located in the heart of Sumatra, Lake Toba is filled to the brim with pristine water, lush greenery, and amazing wildlife. The area is one of the most diverse in all of Southeast Asia and is notably different from anywhere else in the archipelago.

2| Exploring the city life of Jakarta, Why Not?

Typically, Jakarta is seen as an entry and exit point for tourists to get access to the rest of Indonesia. However, the reality is that Jakarta is much more than just a crowded city. It features a wide variety of cultures and a happening metropolitan area. One of the highlights of Jakarta is Ancol Beach. Today, the 552-hectare recreational area is known as Ancol Jakarta Bay City, and it contains many hotels, beaches, a theme park named Dunia Fantasy, traditional marketplaces, a golf course, eco-parks, malls, zoos, and a marina. With all this, you'll soon see why Jakarta is no pushover compared to everything else the beautiful island of Indonesia has on offer.

3| Find Out the hype about Borobudur!

The largest Buddhist sanctuary the world has ever seen, Borobudur, is an attraction you cannot miss. Aside from how religiously significant it is, it is also known for its charm and beauty. It was built in the early eighth century and reflects religions, culture, architecture, and customs. Some key details to observe are the intricate and mesmerizing stone carvings and the gaze of the main structure. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking view, filled from bottom to top with stunning jungles and hills. It's a pretty good place to spend a sunrise, right?

4| Where to start in the crown jewel of Indonesia?

Bali. Where to begin? The famous Island of the Gods is known for being the party hub of Southeast Asia! Embrace your inner shopaholic and treat yourself to the most exquisite designer wear, with tons of designers from all over the world found at the islands' many malls. Bali is overflowing with hundreds of tiny retail stores, each with its own unique story. If handbags are your thing, then go for the famous Bali Bag, which comes in many different shapes and sizes.    

Bali also has a thriving night scene, ranging from luxury pool clubs to excellent restaurants, all with a happening night time scene. Lie back by the pool on beautiful, comfy day beds before the lights go low, and the day switches to party mode. With DJs from the local and international scene, you can never go wrong with the best beats in town. And after all that partying, you can start your morning off right by doing some yoga on the beach and getting a good whiff of the fresh Bali air.

5| Do you want somewhere just as good as Bali?

Once a surfer's secret, Mandalika Beach in Lombok has been unofficially dubbed the 'new Bali.' If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Bali but not compromise the stunning views and magnificent beaches, Mandalika is the place for you. A 1,250-hectare sanctuary, Mandalika features luxury resorts, spas, and fantastic food. It is full of nature, just waiting to be found. With humongous white-sand beaches, pristine, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking, never-ending views that stretch further than the horizon, Mandalika is not a place to miss.

6| What to do in and around Manado?

While Manado is famous for the city, there is much more than just that. One of the many features of magnificent Manado is Likupang: a white-sand beach with blue seas, green hills, and a clear sky that refreshes both your mind and body. The waves are just the right size for families and people who want to relax by the sea without getting soaked. If that's you, then you will do well to head to Likupang beach! And after that, you can head back to the city—which is only an hour away—and get your shopping on! Alternatively, you can visit Bunaken National Park, which is world-renowned for its beautiful marine life. Take the plunge and go snorkeling and diving in the beauty of the pristine waters and see amazing marine animals ranging from dugongs and whales to dolphins and turtles!

7| Ever seen a dragon before?

Located on the western tip of Flores, Labuan Bajo -better known as The Port to Paradise - awaits your arrival. Labuan Bajo is world-renowned for the Komodo National Park, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. Here, you will find the elusive, prehistoric Komodo dragons that are found only in Indonesia. But that is not all; you'll also be awed by the world-class diving the island offers. Head over to Labuan Bajo and enjoy the last sunset of this decade from any point on this charming island. From picturesque coral reefs to the millions of colorful fish that could fill up any art book, Labuan Bajo is not one to miss.

These 7 destinations will not only indulge your eyes with magnanimous spectacles but will also give you some unforgettable experience that is going to make every second of your life worth living. What are you waiting for, then? Book your trip and visit Wonderful Indonesia!    

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