7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Maluku

Talking about the beauty of the beaches in eastern Indonesia will never end. One of them is the beauty of the beach in Maluku which offers a lot of names.

The beauty of the beaches in Maluku is no doubt about its beauty. Although not as busy as the beaches on the island of Bali or Lombok, the beauty of the beaches in Maluku is still well-maintained.

Here are 7 of the most beautiful beaches in Maluku that you should visit while on vacation to eastern Indonesia, especially to the Maluku area.

1. Ora Beach 

Ora Beach or Ora Beach is one of the most beautiful marine tourism in Maluku. The location is on Seram Island, North Seram District, Medium Maluku, Maluku Province. This marine tourism is located at the eastern end of Sawai Bay on the edge of the Manusela National Park forest.

This unique beach is decorated with white and soft sand. The sea water is blue, clear and calm, plus it is rich in coral reefs. Fish and other amazing marine life make Ora Beach visited by many foreign tourists and domestic tourists every year.

With the accommodation located above the sea, you can do various marine activities in this place such as staying overnight, snorkeling, diving, food tourism, exploring caves, or hunting for photos.

Ora Beach is one of the tourist destinations in Maluku as an earthly paradise for tourists, whose beauty is no less attractive using beaches in the Maldives, Boracay Marines in the Philippines, or Bora-Bora Beach in the Pacific Ocean.

2. Ngurbloat Beach 

Ngurbloat Beach or Bahari Pasir Panjang is the only hidden paradise in Maluku. The beach is beautiful, with white sand as soft as flour. The waves and the fresh beach breeze and the blue sea complete the beauty of Ngurbloat Beach.

This beach, located in the Maluku Islands, Southeast Maluku Region, is nicknamed by National Geographic the widest beach in Asia.

3. Natsepa Beach 

It's not enough if you have a vacation to Maluku but don't enjoy the beauty of Natsepa Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Maluku is located in Suli Village, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province.

The cluster of white sand makes the beauty of the beach even more real. The clean sea with its characteristic clear and calm sea beaches, as well as the many trees along the coastline, make Natsepa Beach a beach that is worth visiting by tourists while on vacation to Maluku.

4. Jikumerasa Beach 

Jikumerasa Beach presents the stunning natural charm of the beach for those of you who want to release the fatigue of daily work routines. This beautiful sea is located in Namlea District, Buru Region, Maluku Province, Jakarta.

At Jiku Beach, you can see natural paintings of three colors when the sun begins to rise overhead. With clusters of white sand and calm sea water and blue bumantara that makes the eyes cheerful, you can set foot to the edge of the sea while peering into the sea to see coral reefs.

Enjoy the beautiful view at dusk on the Jikumerasa sand. You will find beautiful paintings on the earth when the sun will sink into its bed.

5. Liang Beach

This beach is still beautiful. The beach, which is located in Liang Village, Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, has been named by the UNDP-UN as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in the 1990s.

When visiting Liang Beach, you will be greeted with a stretch of white sand that sparkles in the sun. This view seems to be the entrance to the beautiful gradation of the beautiful clear blue sea water.

6. Ngurtafur Beach 

This beach has a very special natural scenery. Ngurtafur Beach has a stretch of white sand that extends towards the sea for 2 kilometers with a width of 7 meters.

In addition to the amazing beauty of the beach, on this beach you can also find rare leatherback turtles, and if you are lucky you can see a group of pelicans migrating from Australia to Maluku.

In addition, at the Ngurtafur sand you can do other beach activities such as swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling to see the coral reefs.

7. Sopapei Beach 

This beach in Suli Dalam Village is very close to Natsepa Marine. On this beach you will be presented with a unique panorama of the beach with a stretch of white sand that is clean and smooth and lush palm trees along the nautical line.

With the clear and calm sea water, you can do marine activities in this area such as staying, relaxing or sunbathing under the green trees, while feeling the breeze.

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