5 Tourist Destinations in Papua That Are Heaven in Eastern Indonesia

Travel & Culinary - Papua is Indonesia's largest province which is located in the central part of Papua Island or arguably the easternmost part of Indonesia. Papua borders the State of Papua New Guinea. Another name for this province is Irian Jaya, with its capital city Jayapura. Since 2003, the province has been divided into two with the permanent name Papua in the eastern part and the western part being named West Papua.

This area of ​​Indonesia is full of beautiful natural charm and its culture is still attached. The mountains and beaches here are exactly the same as in Europe. Many good tourists from abroad come to feel the charm of this beautiful paradise in eastern Indonesia. Excellent natural wealth and local cultural wisdom make tourist attractions in Papua feel more natural and exciting.

Well, here the admin wants to give you information about the destinations that you must visit if you go to Papua, buddy!

1. Cendrawasih Bay National Park 

This National Park was inaugurated in 1993 with an area of ​​1.4 million hectares (90% water). Because of its breadth, it's no wonder that this national park is the largest and largest marine conservation area in Indonesia.

If you like diving, Cendrawasih Bay is a perfect choice because you can dive with various types of fauna from fish, turtles, sharks, and even dolphins. Not only that, your eyes will be spoiled with a very good underwater view.

In addition to being a tourist destination, this national park is also a center for whale shark research conducted by the government in collaboration with domestic and foreign NGOs.

2. Baliem Valley 

Located around the Jayawijaya mountains, the baliem valley is home to the indigenous Papuan tribes, namely the Dani, Yali, and Dani. The journey to this valley is quite difficult, but can be reached by plane from Jayapura directly to the city of Wamena, the main city in the Baliem Valley. The scenery there is as if you were brought back to the stone age, access is also mostly only accessible by walking and cycling, perfect for those of you who like to climb.

Community life there is also still traditional, you can find men wearing koteka and women wearing tassel skirts.

Every August, the Baliem Valley will hold a Festival by the government to attract tourists. This festival was held to replace the custom of war between tribes. You will be given a performance of tribal traditional dances, a pig race competition, and local handicrafts. When visiting here, it is recommended during the festival and don't forget to bring warm clothes because the temperature there can reach 10-15 degrees Celsius, buddy. Interested in visiting here?

3. Raja Ampat 

Who doesn't know Raja Ampat? The charm of the beauty of Raja Ampat is already popular domestically and internationally. The area which consists of 4 large islands, namely Misool, Waigeo, Batanta, and Salawati, is one of Lake Sentani

becoming a world heritage site by becoming the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Raja Ampat has a very good underwater view because it has a variety of marine life and is a perfect choice for diving. According to a report by The Nature Conservancy, as many as 75% of the world's marine species are found in these waters. In addition to diving, you can also do trekking on the islands and can also be accompanied by local residents as guides. Very interesting, right? Not only that, you can also find prehistoric relics, namely handprints on rock walls in the Misool cluster area and aircraft from World War II that sank on Wai Island.

4. Lake Sentani 

The largest lake in Papua has an area of ​​9.6 hectares and 22 "islands" in it. This lake has an enchanting and interesting beauty, especially the view of the islands that stand firmly around the lake. Especially when viewed from the air, the scenery really makes you amazed because of its beauty. The location of this lake is about 50 km from the city of Jayapura.

There are many things that can be enjoyed on Lake Sentani, one of which is that you can borrow a boat to enjoy the maximum view of the "islands" inside. In addition, around the island there are 24 villages that we can visit to see handicrafts or enjoy Papuan culinary specialties.

5. Arfak Mountains 

Being the highest point in West Papua with a height of 2,940 meters above sea level, the Arfak Mountains can make you see the view of the city of Manokwari from above its peak. In these mountains there are two twin lakes which are said to have been formed from the love story of two people who immortalized themselves into lakes. In each lake it is also said that the story is that there are two dragons, one male and the other female. The two lakes are named Anggi Ginji and Anggi Gita.

How? You are interested in visiting Papua, right? Come on, first visit tourist destinations in the country first because they are no less good than the beauty in Europe and other countries. When on vacation to Papua, don't just enjoy its beauty, my friend, but also keep it beautiful and good.

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