7 Beautiful Places to Catch Epic Sunrise near Borobudur

Sunrise is a remarkable phenomenon that happens every day, adding colors and wonders to our life. One of the popular activities to start the day at Borobudur is witnessing the magical sunrise above the majestic temple that wears the emerging golden sun as a crown. But there are many other interesting spots to enjoy the sunrise view around the temple. Here’s a list of 7 beautiful places near Borobudur that you must visit to experience a sunrise tour that’s out of this world and unforgettable:

1. Barede Hill

Rise and shine for a short hike up the Barede Hill that will lead you to a great vantage point to watch the day dawn over Borobudur.

Engulfed in the mystical morning mist, the sun rises above the distant temple while the giant Mount Merapi acts as an aesthetic backdrop to this awe-inspiring sight. There is even a nice little tree house to enjoy the beauty of this dramatic sunrise.

2. Mount Andong

The panoramic view of sunrise from the summit of Mount Andong is simply an epitome of magnificence.

Stand amidst a sea of clouds and watch the sun slowly illuminate the stunning landscape as the sky above Mount Merapi, Mount Ungaran, and Mount Telomoyo fills with a multitude of hues.

3. Mount Telomoyo

A spectacular sunrise greets the early risers on the summit of Mount Telomoyo.

Relish in the splendor of the inspiring daybreak with a cup of coffee in your hand as the sun scatters breathtaking hues of pink, orange, and red that enhances the beauty of the surrounding cloud-wrapped mountains.

4. Purwosari Hill

Climb to the top of Purwosari Hill and be rewarded with a phenomenal sunrise view that takes some beating.

Watch the golden sunrise between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu as you struggle to catch a glimpse of the distant Borobudur temple that’s hiding behind the fog.

5. Punthuk Setumbu

Discover the Nirvana Borobudur sunrise on Punthuk Setumbu. The heavenly view of the exquisite sunrise above the mist-engulfed Borobudur temple and Mount Merapi will leave you spellbound.

Punthuk Setumbu also offers a viewing platform and a tiny treehouse which serve as great spots to capture the magic of the golden hour.

6. Punthuk Mongkrong

The peak of Punthuk Mongkrong is a fascinating sunrise spot that boasts an exotic panoramic view of the early morning sun casting a glorious red hue over Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.

The V-shaped platform, the treehouse, and the bamboo seats are great for sun-gazing and taking photos.

7. Rhema Hill

Get your own slice of morning bliss on Rhema Hill. The famous Chicken Church perched upon this hill offers a splendid view of the sun peeping over the horizon. Watch the Borobudur Temple, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing come to life as the radiant rays of the gorgeous sun spread across the sky.

There’s no doubt that sky is the limit when it comes to chasing admirable sunrises near Borobudur, but there’s also an abundance of charming sunset views in store for you. The ancient King Boko Palace and the nearby Prambanan temple are amazing spots to catch stupendous views of the sunset. Hang out in the Malioboro area to sample authentic local food, shop for souvenirs, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the night.

So get out there and experience some of the greatest spectacles of nature at these epic destinations around Borobudur that will send your spirits soaring.

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