15 Best Snorkeling Spots in Indonesia

Enjoy the beauty of the Indonesian sea through snorkeling activities.

As a maritime country, Indonesia has endless marine potential. You don't have to go too far into the sea, you can even enjoy the beauty of Indonesia's marine life just by snorkelling.

Here are some of the best seas in Indonesia that are heaven for snorkelling lovers. Curious about anything? Read more below!

1. Cape Kri, Raja Ampat 

Raja Ampat offers endless natural beauty of the sea. More than 500 species of coral reefs and thousands of fish species you can find under the Raja Ampat sea. One of the best snorkeling spots is Cape Kri. You can find black tip sharks, barracuda, and various other rare species here!

2. Tulamben, Bali 

Bali is not only limited to Kuta Beach or Ubud! If you visit the north-eastern part of the island, you will find a small village called Tulamben. The Tulamben Sea is very famous among snorkeling and diving enthusiasts because of the beauty of its marine life.

3. Pulau Weh, Aceh 

This island is the most famous snorkeling spot on the island of Sumatra. Its beauty is almost on par with Raja Ampat. Colorful coral reefs and beautiful little fish, you can find everything here! In addition, you can see sharks, dolphins, and manta rays if you are lucky!

4. Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi 

This snorkeling spot in Southeast Sulawesi is already quite famous. Wakatobi is home to 750 species of coral reefs out of a total of 850 known species worldwide. It's a shame if you don't try snorkeling here!

5. Bunaken, North Sulawesi 

The beauty of Bunaken Marine Park has been recognized internationally and has been designated as a world heritage by UNESCO. In Bunaken Marine Park, you can find more than 150 species of fish and coral reefs. this is the target of local and foreign tourists as a snorkeling or diving spot.

6. Banda Islands, Maluku

In the Banda Islands, there are still active volcanoes. However, this does not prevent tourists from enjoying the underwater beauty. Two areas that you must visit here are Banda Neira and Hatta Island which are much adored by tourists.

7. Labuan Bajo, Flores

In Labuan Bajo, you can find more than 300 species of coral reefs and thousands of other types of fish. In March-April and September-November, you can also find manta rays while snorkeling in here.

8. Nusa Penida, Bali

Want to swim with giant manta rays? You can also visit Nusa Penida Island by boat, about 45 minutes from Sanur Harbor. There are many local trip services that can take you to the best snorkeling spots on the island. If you already have a license, you can also dive on this island to see the deeper beauty of marine life.

9. Karimunjawa Island, Central Java

Are you traveling in Jepara? Try visiting Karimunjawa Island in the north. If you have the opportunity to snorkel in this area, you can find dozens of species of fish and colorful coral reefs - Guaranteed you won't get bored, snorkel here!

10. Menjangan, Bali 

Menjangan Island is located in the western area of ​​Bali Island. The location is not far from Gilimanuk Harbor and is very famous for the beauty of its marine life. The clear water and calm currents will make it easier for you to swim and snorkel here. You will find soft coral reefs, habitat for plankton, fish and starfish here.

11. Togean Island, Sulawesi 

Here you can find hundreds of coral reefs and small fish without having to swim too far from the beach. In addition, you can also find rare jellyfish that don't sting on Togean Island. this one is also not too crowded, so you can snorkel in peace.

12. Pink Beach, Komodo Island 

As the name implies, the sand on this beach is pink. Meanwhile, the condition of marine life is still very well preserved. No need to swim too far from the beach, you can find various fish and coral reefs on the seabed. The sea water is very clear, it will make it easier for you to see the beauty of marine life just by snorkelling.

13. Derawan, Kalimantan 

If you visit Kalimantan, make sure you don't forget Derawan! Especially if you like snorkeling. In Derawan, your eyes will be spoiled by views of the sea water which is very clear and beautiful. If you are lucky, you can even you can find sea turtles swimming in the Derawan sea!

14. Thousand Islands, Jakarta 

Who would have thought, in Jakarta you can still find beautiful marine life. By taking a boat from Angke Harbor, you can visit the islands with the best snorkeling spots. One type of fish that you can find while snorkeling in this area is the clown fish, aka nemo!

15. Gili Petelu, Lombok 

To reach Gili Petelu, you can take a boat about 2.5 hours from Mataram. The coral under the waters of Gili Petelu is very beautiful, and many small fish live in this area. Of course it will be a very memorable snorkeling experience! 

Well, before you visit the best ocean in Indonesia for snorkeling, make sure you prepare your vacation needs in advance. Don't forget to also capture your underwater moments with an action cam, yes, so that your snorkeling activities well documented.

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