Barbados in Pictures: 19 Beautiful Places to Photograph

With white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and blue sky, it's hard to go wrong taking photos in Barbados. You can find everything here, from tranquil beaches to a dramatic cliff-lined coast with crashing waves, along with beautiful gardens and historic buildings.

Some of the best photo subjects can be found in the capital city of Bridgetown, but if you have time to drive around and explore the island, you can find remote areas with outstanding scenery, caves, ruins, and wildlife.

All in all, Barbados is an excellent place to photograph. Getting around is easy, and the roads are in good condition and not particularly busy. Barbadians are respectful and easygoing drivers; unlike other Caribbean countries, they don't drive like maniacs.

Not all the places you want to go are necessarily well marked, so pack a bit of patience as you journey around. If you get totally lost, the locals speak English and will point you in the right direction.

1. Promenade in Bridgetown

Promenade in Bridgetown

This walkway along the waterfront is a scenic area of the city, where you can see boats and colorful buildings. The wooden boardwalk runs right along the water's edge and provides good opportunities for photography. Take a break here and pop in to a local restaurant for lunch.

2. Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay

This remote and undeveloped beach is one of the most picturesque in Barbados. You can walk beneath the huge palm trees and out onto the beach. Take time to explore the cliff wall at one end. The best place for photography at Bottom Bay is from the cliffs above. A path leads out from the parking lot to an area that looks down over the beach, where you can see the beautiful turquoise and blue colors of the ocean, as well as the dramatic shoreline beyond.

3. Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave

One of the most unique sights on Barbados, this easy to access cave has natural windows that look out to the sea. Pooled water in the cave offers beautiful reflections. Visitors enter through the top and walk down a set of stairs to see the cave. Use the jagged walls to frame up your shots.

4. Crane Beach

Crane Beach

Another of Barbados' most scenic beaches is Crane Beach. Tucked beneath a cliffside, this beach has a stunning setting. The Crane Resort overlooks the beach. It's also possible to walk to The Crane from the opposite end of the beach from the resort, but the walk along the water's edge over stepping stones can be a bit treacherous on rough days.

5. Barbados Wildlife Preserve

Monkey and tortoise at the Barbados Wildlife Preserve

If you want to do some wildlife photography, this is the place to come. Animals are not shy and are easy to spot as they scramble around you. The usual characters are monkeys, tortoises, agoutis, and deer. It's also a good place for spotting birds.

6. Bathsheba Bay

Bathsheba Bay

The rock formations lining the shore and rising from the shallow water make wonderful photo subjects. You can capture images of the waves crashing against them or the surf rushing beneath these heavily undercut, giant structures. At one end of the beach are the ruins of a small building, although it is now little more than a staircase to nowhere on the edge of the ocean. You can walk down to the beach or photograph from the hills above.

7. Botanical Gardens

Butterfly on a flower in Barbados

Barbados has several beautiful botanical gardens to choose from. The most popular gardens to visit are Andromeda Botanic Garden, Welchman Hall Gully, and Hunte's Gardens. These are great places to see and photograph butterflies, birds, flowers, and trees. Combine a stop at Bathsheba Bay with nearby Andromeda Botanic Gardens.

8. Farley Hill National Park

Farley Hill National Park

Farley Hill National Park has two main attractions for photographers. The centerpiece of the park is the early 1800s great house, which stands in ruins. The rows of glassless arched windows look in to a forest of trees and vines that have grown up in the old building. The second reason people come here is for the beautiful views over the landscape and beyond to the sea. You can often spot green monkeys here as well.

9. Carlisle Bay

View over Carlisle Bay

This huge beach-lined bay on the edge of Bridgetown is a wonderful place to spend a day enjoying some sun and sand. It's a great area for swimming. It's also ideal for capturing those postcard-perfect beach shots. The turquoise water stretches well out into the bay, and gentle waves lap at the shore.

10. Colorful Buildings in Bridgetown

Building in Bridgetown

Strolling through Bridgetown is a good way to capture the real essence of the city. A mix of old and new, where colorful historic buildings stand next to modern architecture is what you'll find here. It's hard to miss some of the most interesting buildings, which are often painted in bright colors.

11. Baobab Tree

Baobab tree in Bridgetown

Another interesting but often overlooked sight in Bridgetown is the giant baobab tree that stands in Queen's Park. It's said to be 1,000 years old. The trunk is enormous. This is a good place to take some people shots, which can help give some perspective to the size of the tree.

12. Needham's Point

Cannons and beach at Needham's Point

Needlham's Point, much of which is backed by the Hilton Barbados Resort, is home to some beautiful beaches, an old fort, and an often overlooked lighthouse. You can easily walk between all of these.

13. Nidhe Israel Synagogue

Nidhe Israel Synagogue lit at night

This lovely yet unimposing historic structure is beautiful inside and out. A gazebo stands out front, providing some added interest for photos. You can use the pillars of the gazebo to frame the synagogue. If the building is hosting a function and lit at night, you can also capture interesting shots.

14. Guard House at Garrison Savannah

Guard House

A walk through the Garrison Historic Area reveals an assortment of interesting sights. George Washington House is one of the main attractions here but the Guard House, which is free to wander around, is a particularly photogenic building. The reddish exterior with white trim and the clocktower give it character.

15. St. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral in Bridgetown

St. Michael's Cathedral is located in Bridgetown. Built in 1789 after the original was destroyed in a hurricane, the cathedral is made of coral stone and features stained-glass windows. The tower is one of the most striking features. Surrounding the cathedral is a graveyard and pathways.

16. Morgan Lewis Mill

Morgan Lewis Mill

Another great place to photograph on Barbados is the Morgan Lewis Mill. Grab your wide-angle lens and shoot up towards this historic mill, dating from 1727. Pay attention to the square smokestack in the background and include it to the left or right of the mill base.

17. St. John Parish Church

St. John Parish Church, Barbados

This Gothic church dates from 1836 and is a fascinating place to photograph, not only for the church itself but for the historical graveyard surrounding the building. Depending on the time of day, you may be able to catch the wonderful color and glow of the stained-glass windows inside the church.

18. The Stone Building

The Stone Building, Barbados

The Stone Building is one of the most unique and spectacular buildings in downtown Barbados. Its Gothic architecture and wraparound balconies make for interesting composition opportunities. One of the best spots to capture the Stone Building is directly across the street on the corner opposite.

19. Kiting at Silver Sands Beach

Kiteboarding at Silver Sands Beach

If you'd like to try your hand at sports photography and have a long lens, the kiteboarders at Silver Sands Beach are excellent subjects. The azure water contrasts beautifully with the colorful kites. See if you can get a few clouds in the shot as you capture the action.

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