From Naples to Capri: 2 Best Ways to Get There

Reachable only by boat, the charming island of Capri has been a favorite summer destination of Hollywood stars and the international jet set for decades. Stars usually spend their time on their own yachts near the marina – the same port and marina used by the ferries reaching the island.

Capri offers stunning landscapes and views over the Mediterranean and a mild climate all year-round. Aside from jaw-dropping natural beauty, the island also prides itself on its fine dining, great shopping, and long hiking trails with some of the best sunset views over the ocean you can find anywhere.

While Capri can only be reached by ferry, you still have a choice when it comes to cost, speed, and comfort of transportation. Plus you can always join a guided tour for a unique chance to discover famous Capri attractions, like the Blue Grotto, along the way. Whatever your plans are once you arrive on the island, here's our list and tips on the best ways to travel from Naples to Capri.

1. From Naples to Capri by Tour

Capri on a beautiful summer's day

To make the most of your trip without having to worry about coordinating transportation and sightseeing, the Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples or Sorrento is a great choice. This seven-hour tour starts at the Molo Beverello port in Naples or at the Marina Piccola in Sorrento. From here, you'll board a jetfoil ferry with your guide for great views of the coastline as you travel towards Capri.

After disembarking at Marina Grande, Capri's main port, you'll board a little rowing boat for your first stop at the Blue Grotto, a natural sea cave where the water is a stunning mix of deep blue and silver. After enjoying the sights inside this beautiful cave, you'll continue on to Villa San Michele to tour the Axel Munthe house, built by a Swedish doctor and famous for its massive gardens with pergolas and columns.

Your next stop is the town of Anacapri, the second largest on the island. Here, you'll have free time to explore on foot, do some shopping at the many handicraft stores in town, or take the chairlift up to the top of Mount Solaro for sweeping views over the Bay of Naples, the azure waters, and the Calabria mountains far into the distance.

From here, you'll head to the heart of Capri, La Piazzetta or main square. Officially known as Piazza Umberto I, this is one of the world's most chic squares, where cafés, a little shopping, and open views over the bay all come together.

The day ends as you ride the funicular back down to Marina Grande to meet your driver and board the ferry for your journey back to Naples or Sorrento.

2. From Naples to Capri by Ferry

Boats at Marina Grande embankment on Capri Island

Since Capri is an island, the only way to reach it on your own is by sea. Naples is the main departure point for ferries to Capri, with boats leaving from two main ports: Molo Beverello and the Calata Porta di Massa.

Depending on your budget and how fast you want to reach Capri, you can choose from three boat options: a slow ferry (known as traghetto), a medium speed boat (called Nave Veloce), or the much faster hydrofoil (known as aliscafo/jet).

Prices go up with the speed. Prices for a one-way ticket to Capri on the Aliscafo is about double the price you'll pay to ride on the traghetto, but the time difference is very significant - the fastest ferries will get you from Naples to Capri in 50 minutes, while the slower boats can take up to 90 minutes.

Keep in mind that the very fast boats are a great choice if you're on a day trip (and don't have much time), but the ride is bumpy and so fast, you won't be able to take great photos along the way or enjoy the scenery as much. High-speed ferries are also not a great choice for passengers who get seasick. If you have enough time, the slow ferries win for both better prices and better views.

While you don't need a reservation for the ferries, tickets do sell out quickly during the peak of summer, so arrive early to avoid long lines.

Departure schedules vary widely throughout the year. In summer, the first ferry departs from Naples as early as 5:35am, and they continue until as late as 9:35pm. Outside of the high season, the latest ferry can be as early as 5pm.

Ferries from Molo Beverello Port

The fastest ferries depart from Molo Beverello Port. You can reach the port via the metro. Just get off at the Municipio stop and walk down the busy road ahead until you see the signs and boards pointing towards the port. If you've arrived in Naples via the airport, look for the Alibus shuttle bus that goes straight to the port.

Ferries from Calata Porta di Massa

The shuttle bus also stops here. The Università Metro stop is the closest one to this port – just walk down Via Marchese Campodisola after coming out of the station until you see the port in the distance. Only the low- and medium-speed ferries depart from here – they are perfect for taking pictures of the hillside towns and the turquoise waters.

If you have a rental car that you want to take to Capri with you, this is the only port with ferries capable of carrying vehicles. However, non-resident cars are only allowed in Capri between November and Easter – you can't bring a car to the island at other times of the year.

All ferries arrive at the same port in Capri. From here, you can take the funicular into town, which runs every few minutes. There's also a shuttle bus that goes up the hill.

What to Expect on the Ferry
  • Ferries might be delayed or canceled if the seas are rough. This is more likely for high-speed ferries. If stormy weather is approaching, go back to the ticket office and ask for an update on your ferry departure.
  • There are ferries every 30 minutes departing from at least one of the ports. If your ferry has been delayed or you cannot get tickets, you can try going to the other port – the ports are less than one kilometer apart from each other.
  • If you are traveling during June through August, purchase your tickets in advance. You can do so online or just by visiting the ticket office in person a day or a few hours before the time you're planning to take the ferry. During the summer, weekend tickets sell out fast.

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