Yellow Waterfall, An Exotic Hidden Natural Paradise in Bali

Ticket Price: Free, Operating Hours: 09.00-17.30 WITA, Address: Taman Bali, Kec. Bangli, Kab. Bangli, Bali; Map: Check Location

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Yellow Waterfall is one of the alternative tourist destinations for those of you who are looking for a new tourist location on the island of Bali that is still unspoiled. Because it is in the category of unspoiled tourism and not too popular, you will find nature that is truly beautiful and enchanting.

However, you also have to prepare extra energy to get to this beautiful tourist location because the access road can only be passed by walking from the nearest residential area, namely Dusun Kuning as far as 500 meters.

This beautiful waterfall tourist location will also be very suitable for those who like nature and like to explore the forest.

Attractions Yellow Waterfall Offers

1. Waterfall

The main attraction of the Yellow Waterfall is definitely the waterfall itself. The beauty of this beautiful waterfall lies in 2 streams of water as high as 25 meters from a rock cliff that makes them look like twins. The flow of water comes from a spring in the middle of the forest, making it very cool and fresh.

2. Natural Pond

Just below the flow of the charming waterfall there is a natural pool which is a popular water play or swimming location for tourists. Around this natural pool there are also some large rocks that you can use to sit or jump into the water from above.

3. River

The name of the waterfall will obviously be very closely related to the river, where you can also find it at the tourist location from Bangli Regency. The flow of this river comes directly from a natural pool that is below the point where the water falls, so you could say this river is still an object with the Yellow Waterfall.

This makes the flow of water feel very cool and fresh. The location of this river can be used as one of the interesting photo spots because from the side of this beautiful river you can see a waterfall as high as 25 meters very clearly.

4. Forest

Turning to another attraction that this hidden natural tourist destination has, namely the forest. It is undeniable that the forest around this amazing Yellow Waterfall is also the main attraction for tourists. With its status that is still very natural, you can find a lot of plants in it.

There are even some large trees that grow so fertile because they have a water intake that is met from natural streams and ponds in this charming tourist area. You will also feel the air is very fresh and cool even though during the day which usually feels very hot.

Address and Travel Route to Location

For those of you who are interested in visiting this amazing tourist location, you can reach it from Denpasar City as far as 36 km and takes 1 hour 2 minutes. This is because Yellow Waterfall is located in Bali Province, Yellow Hamlet, Bangli Regency, Bali Garden Village, Bangli District.

The journey can be started from Jl. Diponegoro to the T-junction Jl. Serma Kawi then turn right and stay on the road until you find a fork in Jl. PB Sudirman then turn left. Please continue on Jl. PB Sudirman until arriving at the intersection of Jl. Raya Puputan then turn right and keep going straight until you find a roundabout.

From the roundabout you have to take the second exit to pass Jl. Hang Tuah and stay on Jl. Hang Tuah until arriving at the T-junction of Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai then turn left and stay on the road until you find a detour near Duta Orchid Garden. Please turn back on the path then turn left onto Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra.

Keep following Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra until you find a fork in the direction to Banjar Siyut then turn left and keep on the road until you find an intersection after Indomaret Pagesangan. From here you have to turn right to enter Jl. Sidan – East Astina and continue until you enter the T-junction on Jl. DR. Lr. Sukarno.

From the T-junction, please turn left and then stay on this road until you arrive at the intersection near the Bangli Health Center then turn right. After turning right continue straight until you enter Jl. Dedari Waterfall and find the intersection near Cafe Dreaming Bali then turn left.

You have to follow the road until you find a fork near a clothing store called Sri Uma Collection then turn right. Please follow the road until you find the Yellow Waterfall parking lot. After parking the vehicle, the journey will be continued by walking for 500 meters.

Yellow Waterfall Entrance Ticket Price

Until now there has been no determination of the price of admission tickets for tourists visiting the beautiful waterfall from Dusun Kuning. This can make you enter the natural tourist area for free, but if you want to donate then please enter your donation into a box at the guard post.

Yellow Waterfall is known to be open every day from 09.00 to 17.30 WITA. These operating hours only apply to tourists who want to play in the water or enjoy the natural scenery, while tourists who want to camp can pass these hours but must ask permission from the officers first.

Variety of Exciting Activities at Yellow Waterfall

1. Exploring the Forest

Every tourist who wants to reach the location of the 25-meter-high waterfall is required to walk through a forest of 500 meters, therefore prepare the body and equipment as well as possible. During the trip you will also find a lot of wild plants and animals that live in it.

2. Play Water or Swim

As soon as they arrived at the Yellow Waterfall location, most people would immediately play with water or at least wash their faces because they were tired of traveling through the forest before. In addition to playing water activities or washing your face, you can also swim in a natural pool that is below the point where the water falls.

3. Enjoying the Beauty of the Surroundings

Because the nature in this charming tourist location is amazing, many tourists like to enjoy it while sitting relaxed on a rock or under a tree. This activity is also highly recommended for those of you who are having a lot of thoughts or problems, because the calm and peaceful nature will be the best sedative.

4. Take pictures

It seems that it will feel very lacking if you do not take the time to take pictures at the Yellow Waterfall. This is because the natural scenery in these amazing tourist locations will be perfect if used as a photo background. In addition, you can also take pictures while playing in the water or swimming to remember this holiday moment.

5. Camping

For those of you who like camping, this tourist destination from Bangli Regency is a suitable location to set up a tent and spend the night in the wild. This is because the location has nature that is still very well maintained and sufficient water sources.

Facilities Available in the Waterfall Area

For the facilities available at Yellow Waterfall, it can be said to be very lacking. This is only natural because it is located in a rural area and far from the city center. In addition, the name of the natural tourist location is also not very popular, so don't be surprised if you don't find public facilities at all.

The facilities that you can find at the location of this beautiful waterfall are a guard post, walkways, and a vehicle parking area which is only an empty land. In addition, there are no other supporting facilities such as bathrooms or public toilets.

Even though one of the popular activities at this amazing waterfall is playing water or swimming. This makes you have to look for bushes to change clothes.

Yellow Waterfall is indeed a tourist spot with very beautiful nature. But you also have to prepare yourself, supplies, and the necessary equipment as well as possible before taking a vacation to the tourist destination from Bangli Regency.

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