Stunning Portraits of The Great Blue Hole Belize, World Heritage Site!

Called the portal to the past

INDONEWTRAVEL - Blue holes or blue holes are found in several places in the world. One of the largest and most stunning is The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize.

The blue color is due to its extraordinary depth, which is as deep as 125 meters above sea level. This hole also holds a lot of question marks and mysteries.

Curious? Here is a stunning portrait of The Great Blue Hole Belize!

1. The Great Blue Hole is a giant underwater cave located on the Belize Coast near the center of Lighthouse Reef

2. This giant hole is circular in shape with a width of 318 meters and a surface area of ​​70,650 square meters

3. Investigations in 1971 revealed the fact that this hole is an ancient cave of karst limestone

4. This perfectly round giant hole is thought to have formed during the ice age about 150,000 years ago

5. Due to rising sea levels, this Cave is filled with seawater in four stages, seen from the former ledges in the cave

6. In the silence of the Great Blue Hole can be found stalactites, unique karst, and several species of fish

7. The Great Blue Hole is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System and a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997

8. For safety reasons, only professional divers are allowed to dive and explore the Blue Hole

9. You can enjoy The Great Blue Hole from a height by helicopter or skydiving over its waters

10. In fact, during a deep search, 3 out of 5 divers who were lowered were declared missing

11. Here's a basic walkthrough of The Great Blue Hole in 2018

From this search, several interesting and scary facts were found from The Great Bole Hole Belize. The ocean always keeps mysteries that have not been solved or even touched. The Great Blue Hole is one of the mysterious wonders of the world with its various attractive charms to become a tourist destination.

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