10 Facts about Shirakawa-go, the Most Unique Traditional Village in Japan

The various houses have their own charm

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Although famous for its modern buildings, it turns out that in Japan there is one village filled with various traditional houses with unique architecture. The village is Shirakawa-go which has been included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Shirakawa-go, visitors will be presented with dozens of traditional houses that are able to attract the attention of many people. Of course it became the main attraction of the village. this charming.

Before visiting there, here are some facts about Shirakawa-go, a unique and charming village in Japan.

1. Shirakawa-go is a very historical traditional village with various Gassho-zukuri style houses

2. Shirakawa-go is located in Ono District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is located about 375 km to the east of the Japanese capital, Tokyo

3. Gassho-zukuri has a very unique architecture. This house is made entirely of wood with a steep thatched roof

4. In Shirakawa-Go there are more than 50 houses in the Gassho-zukuri style scattered throughout the village

5. Located in Japan, Shirakawa-go has 4 seasons. The four seasons have very beautiful scenery

6. You can see flowers blooming in spring, greenery in summer, dry leaves in autumn, and heavy snow in winter

7. Shirakawa-go presents the beauty of natural landscapes with traditional houses that are very unique and can attract tourists

8. There are several spots in Shirakawa-go, from Ogimachi Village, Deai-bashi Bridge, to Hachiman Shirakawa Shrine

9. Hachiman Shirakawa Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Ogimachi Village. While the Deai-bashi Bridge is the entrance to Shirakawa-go

10. Together with Gakoyama which is also a traditional village, Shirakawa-go was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995

Having extraordinary charm, Shirakawa-go can be your tourist destination when you go to Japan. Well, from some of the facts above, which one did you just know? Immediately, schedule your vacation here.

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