10 Charm of Balian Beach, Surf Spot Targeted by Tourists in Tabanan, Bali

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INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Balian Beach is an enchanting beach located in Tabanan Regency, Bali. This beautiful beach will give you a different atmosphere and experience from other beaches in Bali.

Even though you have traveled quite a distance to get to Balian Beach, all the effort you put in to get here will be paid off with the charm offered by Balian Beach. The quality of the waves has also become a target surfing spot for visiting tourists. See and know more about Balian Beach through the following reviews.

1. Balian Beach is a hidden beach in the West Bali area, this location can be reached by motor vehicle

2. Administratively, Balian Beach is located in Lalanglinggah Village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency, Bali

3. A different atmosphere will welcome you when you arrive at Balian Beach

4. An introvert's paradise, Balian Beach is very quiet and calm because of its hidden location

5. Not very well known by domestic tourists, but Balian Beach is actually famous among foreign tourists because of the quality of the waves

6. The waves at Balian Beach are reef-rockly type which is the target of tourists, especially surfing sports lovers

7. Another interesting thing at Balian Beach is the soft black sandy lips that sparkle when the sun hits them

8. The charm of Balian Beach will increase many times at dusk, the sunrise view is no less beautiful

9. Besides surfing and enjoying the sunset, you can also play in the water, take a walk on the beach to have a small picnic while enjoying snacks

10. You can find various facilities that will make your vacation even more memorable, such as lodging, surfboard rentals to places to eat around the beach

The Island of the Gods saves a lot of marine tourism, even some of the destinations are still 'virgin' and natural because not too many people visited. One of them is the stunning Balian Beach in Tabanan, Bali. The quality of the waves is a target surf spot for tourists. Immediately plan your vacation to Bali!

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