La Favela Bali, an Exotic Brazilian-Style Destination that is the Dream of Foreign Tourists


INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Bali has long been known as Indonesia's mainstay tourist destination that never runs out of charm. Starting from cultural tourism treats, customs that are thick in society, to natural charms that are always kept in complete beauty in Bali. No doubt many tourists, both domestic and foreign, who make Pulau Seribu Pura a favorite tourist destination.

Talking about its tourist attractions, did you know that Bali does not only offer vacation destinations to the beach or cultural activities? There are a myriad of locations that are worthy of being used as tourist destinations with the closest people who are certainly able to make the holiday experience unforgettable.

One of them is La Favela Seminyak Bali, a restaurant and bar with a concept that will not be found anywhere else in Bali. Carrying the interior concept of the exotic charm of the forest and life in Brazil, this has long been a favorite hangout for tourists in Bali. There are lots of unique decorations and ornaments pinned by the cafe manager that can make every visitor feel amazed.

Since opening in mid-2013, La Favela has undoubtedly become a destination for tourists. Well, for those of you who are planning to vacation in Bali and are looking for restaurant and bar recommendations that are different from the others, consider the attraction that the La Favela Bali cafe has below. 

The Enchantment of Out of the Box La Favela Bali

La Favela is a restaurant and bar with a concept far from the atmosphere that can be found in Indonesia. From the outside, La Favela already looks like a portal to an exotic and beautiful forest area.

However, once inside, visitors will be immediately amazed by the many ornaments and decorations placed in unexpected parts. Just a few steps, visitors can breathe fresh air in the outdoor area which is designed like an indoor garden.

Covered with lush and beautiful leaves, this spot will immediately invite you to capture the moment with friends or partner. There is also a natural charm in the form of waterfalls and artificial ponds that are unexpectedly located in the exotic cafe, La Favela. 

Holiday atmosphere like in Brazil

For those who don't know, the concept of La Favela better describes the village in Brazil with the same name. In addition to the forest area, La Favela also emphasizes the Brazilian-inspired outdoor design. One of the most interesting things is the large statue of Jesus which is an icon of the Samba country.

The Brazilian-inspired interior design can also be seen with the shabby atmosphere of the environment there. However, make no mistake, even though it looks shabby like village life in Brazil, all the decorations are neatly arranged and seem full of consideration. An example is a collection of old motorbikes that are neatly arranged on the roof of the place.

Various 'junk goods' are also widely distributed in La Favela's outdoor space as artistic and instagramable decorative materials. In fact, an unused TV can be converted into a pot as a plant container and an aquarium. This seems to symbolize that nature can still survive in any bad environmental conditions.

In providing an unforgettable quality time experience for its customers, La Favela also provides a choice of indoor rooms. In contrast to the concept of outdoor space, visitors will be pampered with a thick interior feel with ornaments in the form of wood that looks warm to the eye.

After being satisfied with seeing the eccentric Brazilian forest and village atmosphere in the outdoor area, the indoor area is still in one harmonious concept. Coupled with public facilities that are also conceptualized in such a way, visitors will be able to get an unforgettable memory of a place to hang out. 

Luxurious Culinary Treats that are Equal to the Price


As a luxury restaurant with a unique interior concept that cannot be found anywhere else, La Favela can be said to have very affordable food prices. Priced starting from only 50 thousand, visitors can enjoy a treat in a very epic area.

The food menu offered is also very diverse. However, what characterizes the place is the typical western dishes which are known to be luxurious and difficult to cook perfectly.

One of the menus that must be tried at La Favela is the classic traditto mix for only 80 thousand. There is also the most expensive menu at this unique cafe called Grapay Sangria which is priced at around 150 thousand Rupiah. With a main course price range from 50 thousand to 150 thousand, La Favela visitors certainly don't have to worry about breaking their wallet.

La Favela is also included as a nightlife venue that serves bar and alcoholic drinks. Therefore, if you want to party while releasing your mind for a moment, La Favela is suitable to be the top choice in the list of hangout places you want to visit in Bali.

Tips for Entrance to La Favela Bali

Since opening in mid-2013, La Favela Seminyak's popularity has skyrocketed to foreign countries. Even though at the beginning it was only a small shop and a house, La Favela has now become a popular hangout spot for tourists visiting Bali. Evidently not just any visitor can enter the place because the guarding process is quite strict.

Like other nightclubs, La Favela Seminyak also has various rules that every customer must obey. If it is known that only one thing has been violated, the security forces will not hesitate to expel it without a second thought. So, so that your quality time plan with the closest people in La Favela can run smoothly, there are tips that can be used as a reference.

1. Pay attention to the clothes used

The first tip is to pay attention to the appearance of the fashion worn before deciding to enter the area. No need to show expensive clothing brands, visitors only need to wear casual but still neat and attractive clothes. Most importantly, based on the exposure of visitors who are prohibited from entering, the use of shoes is mandatory and cannot be contested.

2. Adjust Arrival Time

The next tip is to schedule a visit to La Favela under 11 pm. Even though it is a restaurant that operates at night, La Favela turns out to have quite limited working hours. Open from 5pm to 3am, visitors are expected to be inside the cafe before midnight.

The reason is because it is not too tight with closing time and visitors can happily spend time in this exotic area. In addition, these tips are also suspected to be caused by the risk of a boom in the interest of tourists who want to visit, especially on weekends. The reason is, if the number of visitors is felt to be too many, inevitably the guards will close the entrance until the next day and force visitors who are in line to choose another hangout location.

3. Don't get drunk

The tip to become a visitor to La Favela's hits place is to appear conscious or not under the influence of alcohol. The rules for visitors not to be drunk are very strict, which were proclaimed by the manager of this cafe. If it is known that a visitor is drunk and wants to enter the La Favela cafe area, it is not surprising that the bouncer will kick him out.

Actually, entering La Favela Seminyak is not a difficult matter if all the rules apply. It doesn't matter if you are a local or foreign tourist, if you meet the conditions, you will be allowed to become a customer at this exotic cafe. Therefore, understand the policies made by the cafe manager before deciding to visit it.

La Favela Can Realize The Life of Nightlife in Bali


The charm of La Favela as a luxury restaurant can indeed meet all expectations of nightlife in Bali. Not only local tourists, even foreign tourists admit that La Favela is a nightclub that should not be missed.

For that, for those of you who are planning a vacation in Bali, don't forget to make this place a night tourist destination.

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